Apple Watch Edition buyers will get the red carpet treatment

When you're buying a $10,000 watch, you expect first-class service -- and Apple is apparently ready to deliver. Sources for 9to5Mac claim that people who buy the gold Apple Watch Edition will get to skip the queues whenever they need help. They'll be...
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Any questions for non-combat MMO Wander?

Hi there! I'm gathering questions for an interview with the devs of Wander, the upcoming CryEngine powered MMO which won't have any combat and will focus on exploration. Let me know if you have anything specific you want clarified, I'll make sure to post the interview once it's live.

This is the latest trailer on YouTube in case you're not familiar with the game. Cheers!

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NSA considered scrapping its mass phone surveillance program

The National Security Agency may present a united front when it defends against criticism of its bulk phone data collection, but it's now clear that there has been at least some doubt within the ranks. Associated Press sources have revealed that ther...
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Looking for a new Action MMO

Been playing Guild Wars 2 for about 2 years now but everything is gradually falling apart in WvWvW, zero class balance, zero fixes for WvWvW, they give us a new map we didn't ask for or didn't want and now they fucked up the stability which has now caused incredible lag in WvWvW and the condition meta is only going to be reinforced with the new expansion and release of the revenant class which will be broken for 6 months before they even admit it needs balancing and then another 6 after that until we get a patch.

I'm desperately looking for a new Action MMO like Guild Wars 2 with something similar to WvWvW that allows for solo roaming, small group fighting and zerging, must have good class balance and none fo this bullshit X class beats Y class or X build beats Y build. I'm looking for a solely skill based game. Also looking for something that looks as good or as close to Guild Wars 2 as i'm not keen on highly saturated cartooney mmo's like WoW (it genuinely makes me feel a little ill). Mob tagging must be shared as i don't want to fight over mobs with some man child raging at me for the rest of the day and the quest system needs to not be some horrible back and forth deal with the NPC.

Free to play with a good worthwhile cash shop would be nice.

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What are some MMOs that use hotkeys?

I am arguing with a sub-par console race and he says, "Mmo s dont need hotkeys...Wow just made that a thing"

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MMO! Show Episode 68 "Week 3/29/2015" Noticeable lack of mmo?

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Archeage or Aion

Ok so i hav to choose from this two games. I like them both.

  • What game is more casual? I play 1-3hours a day and on different times.

  • Im from Europe so i have to choose GameForge client with this gp but AA have patron so its doesnt matter.

  • Should i buy first patron/gp for real cash ? How is getting patron on AA for newcomer?

  • This two games is high gear depended. Where is easier to get gear?

  • What game give more fun?

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Life with the Moto 360: has Motorola's smartwatch turned a corner?

When the Moto 360 first hit the scene, its reception was... mixed. That round display was eye-catching, but it couldn't make up for the smartwatch's all-too-short battery life and undercooked software. Times have changed, though. Motorola trotted out...
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Why Final Fantasy XV's main playable characters are all men

Final Fantasy XV's playable demo confirmed suspicions that the long-awaited game's core playable characters are all, well, men. For those wondering, even just a bit, why the creators came to that decision when previous main titles featured mixed-gend...
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Inhabitat's Week in Green: e-paper shoes, superhighways and solar ovens

Each week our friends at Inhabitat recap the week's most interesting green developments and clean tech news for us -- it's the Week in Green. Fans of green cars are eagerly awaiting the release of the Tesla Model X, but you won't have to wait to s...
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Guild Wars 2 Removes Condition Cap

Guild Wars 2

From playing the Guild Wars 2: Heart Of Thorns Beta yesterday, many players noticed that the condition cap on Bleeding has been removed. As a result, players are now able to exceed 25 stacks of Bleeding on a single target and at some points, the Wyvern reached well over 100, resulting in an exclamation point (I’m assuming that represents the “oh shit, that’s a lot of stacks!” mark).

Unsurprisingly this news has gone down well with the Guild Wars 2 community who have been asking for years for the condition cap on bleeds to be removed. It never made any sense considering power based skills aren’t limited in their damage output, so I really couldn’t get my head around the logic. Limiting bleed stacks was like saying to a power player that once they’d dealt 5,000 damage they weren’t allowed to do any more for a period of time.

There’s no news yet on burning stacks, but it also looks like confusion has no limit. There’s an official statement on this change from Jon Peters.

"Hey Everyone,

As you may have noticed bleeding stacks go above 25 stacks when playing in the demo map. This is not a mistake, rather as we have said for a while now, we know that the current stack cap creates problems for condition players who want to work together. What you saw today was the first test in solving some of these problems. Keep in mind, it is not necessarily final and absolutely not the entire plan. I see many questions about how this will work and how it impacts other conditions, balance, etc. Rest assured that as soon as we have a final plan we will be revealing it and letting you all know exactly how it will work.


We’ll keep you updated on any other big Beta changes.

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Why Murky is the Best

Heroes of the Storm

When it comes to Heroes of the Storm, one neat element that is brought over from the original DoTA, the good one in Warcraft III before people turned it into a sport, was that some heroes were a niche to themselves. Let me tell you a story of a little hero from the days of ol known as Goblin Techies. Now, unlike their DotA 2 counterparts, the Goblin Techies had one point: win the game within the first five minutes. You had several chances to get first blood, by being able to instantly take out any hero that had a little bit of their health gone by exploding on them.

After you killed several heroes, with no penalty to yourself, you donated your gold to your team and then warded with your mines, until late game where you either had somehow through a miracle farmed enough for a Dagons to do some kind of damage, or just hid in the base as your now hopefully fed team at won. The Techies weren't a laner, they weren't anything more than a defensive hero. I haven't tried it in DotA 2, but I do believe it's a bit different now.

The point is that it was a hero for a specific kind of player with a specific goal and if someone in a pug match didn't all-random into it, and actualy picked it, most everyone would usually agree to leave. Because there wasn't going to be anyway to way in a 4v5 and without a team having some kind of plan for Techies or a world reknown Techies player, there was no point in it.

Murky here fills that role. Because Murky is useful for one specific purpose - losing the match for your team. Following losing the match for your team, Murky also has the status that if you're playing with super pros, they might in some world be able to use Murky's unique ability to do nothing as some kind of way to win, like with Techies and farming that huge gold advantage at the start of the game to push and get gold / level ontop. Plus Murky is free!

Yet of course I don't see how you'd do this with Murky, but I'm sure it's done, because we all know in our heart of hearts that the best character in Heroes of DotA is Murky. It's just true!

Okay enough of that, in other news I'm sort of in this weird middle ground with games where I have Cities: Skyline and it's great, but there isn't anything else coming up soon that I really want to dig into, outside of the Borderland's DLC just released. What's catching your fancy?

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HotS: Sylvanas Patch Analysis

Heroes of the Storm

Thanks to everyone for making my weekly Tier Lists such  popular places. 

The Ranked Tier List and Quickmatch Tier List are both updated weekly.  It's a labour of love that on most weeks means taking a look at my game logs, analysing some stats sites and chatting with my Blizzard contacts to see if any Heroes deserve to be moved up or down.  

This week however.... holy Hannah in a handbasket.    I'm going to break down the changes as best I can with only about 24 hours to really digest them and then revamp the Tier List as soon as things settle out. 

Here goes...your input is appreciated and encouraged.  A huge thank you to Megna for helping go over all this information.  This is going to be long, so you might want to just jump to your favourite Heroes.   They are conveniently listed in alphabetical order.

Hero Changes: Sylvanas Patch


What does this mean? 

Evolve Monstrosity now persists until killed, which is a rather large perk to a mostly unused skill.  You have to kill the bloody thing now or it will just continue to push the lane.   Ultimate Evolution is now stronger, but has a shorter duration.   Timing is even more critical than ever.  Good players will consider this a buff.   Poor players will consider it a nerf.  Which are you?


What does this mean?

Not much to see here.  Ridiculously long games will no longer have Azmodan roming around one-shotting things that he shouldn't be. 


What does this mean?

It doesn't mean much.  Apolcalypse has a lower cooldown, but it is still a relatively weak ultimate.   Lightning Breath, though easier to use remains as viable as before.


What does this mean?

E.T.C. the tank can now be more of a tank forgoing damage when he hits level 20.   Not a big change, but probably a good one.


What does this mean?

Nothing is immediately a game breaker, though Falstad does now have a bit more survivability and a tiny bit more damage.


What does this mean?

Jaina gets what appears to be a large buff.  Her damage is increased, not only by percentage, but against structures given her trait change.  Her new level 20 talent is a big win. I'm still not a huge fan, but I could be persuaded to play her.


What does this mean?

Controlling the Ultralisk is a boon, but isn't game-changing.

Li Li

What does this mean?

Li Li's heals will no longer be wasted on decoys, etc.   Beneficial, but her ultimate is usually interrupted in Ranked Play anyway.


What does this mean?

Better regen is great, but low health is low health no matter how you look at it.  Pufferfish now casts faster.  Hoo-rah!  He's still a terrible Hero.  Avoid.


What does this mean?

Poison damage reduced, but frog damage is increased.  The Gargantuan change is a buff, allowing the player to control the Gargantuan's stomp.   Ravenous Spirit loses some damage. Overall, Nazeebo got nerfed.  Just how hard he got nerfed remains open for debat.e


What does this mean?

It doesn't mean much.  Raynor receives a small damange bonus.  Consider him buffed so lightly that he doesn't even gain a shine.

Sgt. Hammer

What does this mean?

The "tank" specialist isn't quite as tanky.   Frankly, I thought Hammer was over-tuned, so this probably brings her back into line.


What does this mean?

No huge changes, but Sonya can now use defensive talents while spinning like a maniac.   Interrupting her still works.  She is still weak.


What does this mean?

600 HP lost at level 20 over what the big had previously is nothing to sneeze at.  It's a nerf.  Vile gas is another nerf.  Putrid Bile got a boost, but not everyone chooses that ultimate.


What does this mean?

Force wall's now better, but this isn't a game-changer.  It is however, much more useful.

The Lost Vikings

What does this mean?

No huge changes.  This Hero remains powerful.


What does this mean?

You are healed! Healed! Healed!  Bursty damange and self-healing are up, but mana conservation will be key.   I see this as a huge buff for players who like to get in, hammer the opponent and get out.


What does this mean?

It means nothing.  These are just ability renames.   It's the same Tychus.


What does this mean?

This is a pretty extensive rework.  It appears to be a buff, but I need to play her (and I don't enjoy playing Tyrande) to test it for myself.


What does this mean?

It's too early to tell.  This is a complete revamp.  Uther was a T1 support, but whether he stays there now or not is up in the air.   More on this when I can test it appropriately.   Your thoughts are appreciated and encouraged.


What does this mean?

Removing "unstoppable" from Vault is a nerf, but one that probably isn't game changing.  Over all this is pretty much status quo.


What does this mean?

Not a huge change, but "double bombers" will see some of their burst go away.

That's it for now.  I will update the list as I play out the Heroes more.  I encourage you to send me your thoughts, concerns and information to help flesh this out.

Thanks as always.  I truly appreciate your support!







Who's awesome? You're awesome!


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Camelot Unchained: A Stealth Discussion

Camelot Unchained

Stealth is a hot topic in Camelot Unchained and I’d argue that Mark Jacobs is one of the first developers I’ve ever seen to place emphasis on ensuring that this aspect of the game is discussed at length before anything is set in stone. As someone who has played a Shadowblade in Dark Age of Camelot, a Druid in World of Warcraft, a Witch Hunter in Warhammer Online and a Spellslinger in WildStar, I’m fairly familiar with a variety stealth implementations.

From a personal perspective, I’ve always found Stealth inherently unfair on those who can’t. That opinion is based on years of playing such classes (as noted above) but also being on the receiving end when I chose to pursue alternative characters that didn’t have a set of skills to vanish in thin air.

Firstly I think it’s important to stress that I’m not against stealth but what I am against is poor versions of stealth that seem to plague this genre. When a class can turn invisible and deal some of the highest damage in the game with their opener, when there’s no reliable means of being discovered, something has gone very wrong from a design standpoint. Invisibility or stealth are powerful tools that have some-how evolved into a means of justifying spike attacks, against a backdrop that stealth based classes can’t survive or kill without it. That’s nonsense and it’s an excuse to maintain lazy game design.

Mark Jacob’s quotes on stealth are already reassuring and for a variety of reasons. Firstly, he directly acknowledges that stealthers should be viable:

“We need to find a way to make stealthers, archers and maybe some other classes viable in an RvR environment if we are going to be really successful. However, I can't commit to them until I'm sure that the mechanic has a good chance of succeeding.”

He also states that ganking, as it’s commonly known, won’t happen:

“What I have said about stealthers is that there won't be a

Lastly, he’s gone on record saying that there won’t be the rage inducing stealth that frustrates so many players:

"What I can say though is that we will not have a class capable of going into stealth instantly, popping out, having a strong opener/long-range DD and then instantly popping right back in. Also, we want to include a scout class if we meet one of our stretch goals. It would be designed, as the name implies, to be very strong at scouting but not at long-range damage dealing.”

So what’s the solution to stealth in Camelot Unchained and how can Mark Jacobs and his team go about it? Firstly, the Veil is a concept that sort-of exists in WildStar and it’s a skill known as Void Slip and is used by Spellslingers. When the skill is used, the Spellslinger is lifted out of the game world and placed into the Void. The Void is a replica of the existing game world but on a separate plain. Spellslinger's are free to to roam this area until the Void runs out and other Spellslingers are free to travel into it, to fight one another. Sadly and like most things in WildStar, the concept of the Void was tragically underused but worse, undermined by Stalkers and their traditional use of stealth and spike damage. 

Mark’s proposal to have Veil walkers and stalkers is a partial and brilliant solution to the problem but it doesn’t address minor elements such as how quickly certain classes can shift into the Veil or the existence of scouts and archers and their role. I think there are fairly easy solutions to these issues but Camelot Unchained would require implementation of all of them.

Where Veil walkers and stalkers are concerned, I think it should simply be a case that entering the Veil consumes your skill and places it on cooldown. Using the skill again should bring you back into the real world. Where fighting is concerned, I’m more than happy to allow these classes to disappear in the middle of a fight as long as there’s a method to rip them out of the veil. Whether this is a specific skill, specialization or realm reward, there needs to be a skill based way of ensuring escape isn’t guaranteed. What I liked in Guild Wars 2 were the traps that were implemented in World versus World that when triggered prevented Thieves from entering stealth for a period of time. It’d also be more than welcome if certain skills, such as a Hunter’s Flare in World of Warcraft showed the outline of those in the Veil.

As far as scouting and archers are concerned, they absolutely should be able to stealth - it’s incredibly important to their role, but I also don’t believe they should be totally invisible. Similarly to the Stalker’s Nano Suit in WildStar or the stealth in PlanetSide 2, there should be a camouflage as opposed to outright visibility. The strength of the camouflage would be strongest out of direct sunlight (in shadows) or in heavy foliage. If players got close enough to you and if they have a keen eye, they should be able to spot you. As for escaping or re-stealthing in this manner, it should be possible but again, the same rules to Veil walkers and stalkers should apply.

Most importantly of all and to make up for the fact that scouts and archers aren’t truly invisible, they should be given a variety of utility skills to allow them to stand some chance of escaping if discovered. Whether it’s a shield bash to the face followed by a dash, or a spike trap before leaping away, it has to become a game of rock, paper, scissors rather than predator versus prey. More than anything, I’m hoping that the role of a stealth based class branches out to become something important to the realms rather than what they’re currently for: gank squads.  

As a backer, I have high hopes for Camelot Unchained’s approach to stealth and unlike many games I’ve followed, I think Mark Jacobs might just pull it off. 

What are your thoughts on stealth in Camelot Unchained? What would you like to see? Do you hate or love stealth classes? Let us know!

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Warframe's "Volt Prime" 16.1 Update Now Live


Warframe has released the next in its line of Prime Warframes, the Volt Prime. With Volt Prime's release, the Prime Access program has now rotated Volt Prime and the Odonata Prime Archwing into the Prime Access rotation at the speed ($79.99) pack. These are really good beginner packs, as they include 1000 to 4000 platinum, the archwing, and at higher levels Volt Prime and the accessory pack.

Below is the hotfixes included in this content roll-out.

PvP Changes

  • Reduced Bo Prime’s damage to be closer to the other Bo weapons.
  • Volt’s Overload is now more noticeable in PvP, particularly for players using black energy.


  • Increased the Standing cap for Simaris to be the same as other Syndicates.
  • Rewards for Synthesis scanning now count towards your daily Standing limit.
  • Added colorblind pipe variants for the Trials of Vay Hek.


  • Fixed Sigils overlapping on shoulder attachments.
  • Fixed players earning experience from Simulacrum kills.
  • Fixed players earning ability experience from Simulacrum kills.
  • Fixed login errors occurring in new player accounts.
  • Fixed players without a Synthesis Scanner equipped receiving mid-Mission notification of a rare capture target.
  • Fixed Chroma’s Vex Armor increasing for shield / health decreases caused by Elemental Ward ending
  • Fixed Synthesis scans not displaying how much standing has been earned.
  • Fixed Ripkas not taking the proper color customizations from players.
  • Fixed rare Synthesis targets spawning in Trials of Vay Hek.
  • Fixed Mk1 Bo not being usable in PvP.
  • Fixed Chroma’s pelt not functioning properly for Clients.
  • Fixed inconsistent headshot multipliers in PvP, all weapons now have 2x crit multiplier on headshots.
  • Fixed Chroma’s Effigy giving players a stacking credit boost.  One Effigy per Chroma.
  • Fixed an issue with Ash’s Bladestorm when one of his targets becomes Mind Controlled mid-Bladestorm 
  • Fixed Frost’s Icicle and Ember’s Fireball auto-targeting the enemy’s torso when aiming manually at a target.
  • Fixed some instances of crashes related to players using AMD drivers.
  • Fixed melee attacks not properly aligning to camera for Clients entering a Mission.


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The Secret World: Ultimate Tokyo Story Pack Now Available

Funcom has announced that a new story pack for The Secret World is available for a great price. Called the "Ultimate Tokyo Story Pack", the collection includes an Orochi pilot jumpsuit, two side-stories packs with eleven extra missions, and Issues 9-11. Issue 11 will bring the Tokyo story to a close and will be released in April 2015.

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EVE Online: Fanfest Keynote Hinted to Feature Big News

The 2015 Fanfest, centered squarely around EVE, Valkyrie and DUST 514, is underway. We're here to post some of the highlights from the keynote address that is set to begin in about ten minutes at 10:00 Pacific / 1:00 pm Eastern. Refresh the page often to check out the updates during what has been promised to be an important and exciting keynote.

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Skyforge: Closed Beta #2 Coming March 25th

The second closed beta phase for Skyforge will be heading out on March 25th. Players will have a lot of new content to try out with four new classes to unlock, a new 5-player dungeon, an open world location on Naori Island, an 8v8 "superiority" PvP mode, and something called the Nedder Test Area.

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Dying Light: 3.2M Players Rack Up Some Impressive Numbers

Infographics paint a numbers picture of a game. In the latest infographic release, the Dying Light team shines the spotlight on some impressive numbers including over 3.2M players taking part in killing nearly 400M zombies and amassing over a trillion dollars. Check out more of these fun statistics in the image below.

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EVE Online: Valkyrie Gameplay Footage Shown in New Video

While next to impossible to fully portray virtual reality in a video, the EVE: Valkyrie team has done a terrific job giving fans a look at just how the game will play during today's Fanfest 2015 opening ceremony. Head movements are clearly seen as the video progresses. Check it out and let us know what you think.

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