WildStar Upcoming Update Preview: Reward Gold Medal from

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Path of Exile Update in August: Forsaken Masters

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Combatless MMO Wander releases Gamescom trailer

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We last looked at Wander in detail at PAX Prime 2013, but the indie "collaborative exploration" MMO has been hard at work on its cross-platform, VR-friendly, combat-free experience since then. Today, the game's creator, Loki Davison, has released a brief trailer ahead of Gamescom, where Wander will be one of a very few MMOs featured at the Indie MEGABOOTH.

Enjoy the video below.

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    Realism in Games - Looting

    Looting corpses of freshly slain enemies has become a major part of most RPG and Dungeon Crawler games. However, I have been wondering for quite a while, why isn't loot that "drops" from opponents sensible and more realistic in its contents? Let me explain.


    Let's say you get a quest in an RPG tasking you to collect 10 wolf furs from wolves running around the forest. However, as you kill a few wolves, you notice that fur does not always drop from these wolves. A player new to this genre of games and quests may ponder: the wolf I just killed clearly looks like it has fur, so why did I not get any fur when I looted the wolf? Players who are used to this kind of nonsense do not question it, but really - why is this looting system still in place?

    The looting system in question sounds outdated, but even with current technology and game making experience, developers still do this in their RPG games. I feel like this is one of the systems that should stick with taking the realistic approach, rather than one that makes no sense, as it does not add any extra fun to the game, which is the primary reason why games deviate from realism.


    The obvious suggestion is to make loot sensible and relevant to what is being looted. For example, humanoids should drop all of their worn gear and random items that could be in their pockets, while animals should drop a consistent number of fangs, claws, fur, meat, or whatever else the animal has that a real life hunter would find valuable.

    I liked how the latest Elder Scrolls games treat looting humanoids. You get to take all of what they are wearing or wielding and leave them literally naked. To me that makes sense and makes the game more fun since what you see is what you get.

    Another step towards realism would be the ability to determine what the opponent will drop from what they look like. If a humanoid is wearing a backpack, you should expect more loot than usual. If the opponent is wearing a belt with certain random items on it, you should be able to get those items. If the enemy is wearing a cool piece of armor, you should get that armor upon victory. These and more visual and sensible looting changes would add more excitement, intelligence, and variety to hunting down the items you want.

    So please, no more animals that drop swords or gold coins. No more not getting the items that you can clearly see on the model of the opponent. Bringing looting back to what makes sense is the step in the right direction. That is my suggestion.

    What do you think about the looting system in MMORPGs and how would you change it?

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    What free MMOs that involve mech-fighting are out there?

    So far I can think of Blacklight Retribution, Mechwarrior Online, Hawken, and that's it.

    Are there any other free mecha games or games that involve mech-fighting out there? Thanks!

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    WoW's Warlords of Draenor expansion is making faces at you

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    When Blizzard launches World of Warcraft's Warlords of Draenor expansion later this year, players will be getting more than just the long-awaited character body model upgrades; they're also getting new facial geometry. Art Director Chris Robinson wrote today on the game's official blog,
    Our next big focus is doing justice to the facial options. With the original models and their simplistic geometry and low-resolution textures, a lot of facial expressions were simply painted on. Now that we've moved to higher-polygon models with lips, teeth, and fully articulated faces-not to mention higher-resolution textures-recreating those same facial options isn't as simple as painting them onto a flat surface. Previously, to get a sneer out of a model, you'd just paint a sneer on its face, and that was that. To do it correctly now-and make it look great-we have to fully pose a sneer, create a custom texture, and mesh that base pose with all of the existing emotes and animations.
    Robinson also said that Blizzard is "committed" to launching all of the new models together rather than roll them out independently post-launch, but a later tweet indicated that Blood Elf models will not make it in for launch.

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    Oort Online strives to create a 'universe-sized' sandbox

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    Why should your sandbox MMO be confined to one measly world? That's the premise of Oort Online, an upcoming sandbox title that involves several worlds that can be explored, conquered, and molded by players. In this voxel-based game, players will exist on the same server and can choose to fight a nasty galaxy-spanning race called the Protectors or carve out a slice of land on which to build a masterpiece.

    "We think fans of procedural games are going to love Oort Online! We're making a universe-sized sandbox and giving players control over what happens," developer Wonderstruck said.

    Oort Online has been in development for six months and is available right now as an early access prototype for funders who spend $95 or more. The crowdfunded project also has cheaper tiers for alpha and beta access and promises a package of goodies (including a chance to win instant access) for those who send out a tweet promoting the game.

    Get a sneak peek of Oort Online in a dev video after the break!

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    World of Tanks builds strongholds for Update 9.2

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    Wargaming is betting that players will fight even harder than usual if it's over something they built, which is why the company introduced strongholds with today's Update 9.2 for World of Tanks.

    Strongholds are a new game mode in which players can lay out a virtual base and fight over it. If a clan can upgrade its base enough, it will be treated to limited-time bonuses that will cover all clan members across the game.

    Update 9.2 also comes with eight reworked maps, more medal achievements, HD upgrades to a few tanks, and the Fire Arc battle arena. Check out what 9.2 has to offer in the update video after the break.

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    Someone played Savage/Savage 2?

    Hey guys, i was thinking here, someone played it?

    It's one of the best games i've ever played. The concept is incredible, and the game is awesome...

    Anw, last time i checked it was pretty dead, there where like 3 servers and all of then with 0 players...

    Anyone plays it? Or know any game that follows the same concept?

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    Hearthstone unlocks the doors to the Plague Quarter

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    The second wing of Heartstone: Curse of Naxxramas is now open for players to explore and plunder, as the weekly rollout of this online card game expansion continues.

    The Plague Quarter has unlocked for players, but unlike the free taste of the Arachnid Quarter, this one will require gold to purchase. Inside the quarter, you will find Noth the Plaguebringer, Heigan the Unclean, and the big boss Loatheb.

    Players that master the Plague Quarter not only will be treated to new cards for their collection but can also go on to tackle two class challenges with additional card rewards.

    [Thanks to Dengar for the tip!]

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    Lord of the Rings Online: Executive Producer's Letter Details Second Half of 2014

    Now that the latest update has been applied to Lord of the Rings Online servers, Executive Producer Aaron "Rowan" Campbell has taken to the game forums to talk about what players can expect in the balance of 2014. Most notably, Campbell tells players that the much-anticipated Beorning class is in alpha testing and on track for deployment later this year.

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    Das Tal: Alpha Testing to Kick Off on July 20th

    Last month, Fairytale Distillery and the Das Tal team announced that alpha testing would commence sometime in July. That sometime has now been announced as officially happening on July 20th. The initial pool of testers will be selected from over a thousand applicants. The first round of alpha testing will be focused on PvP with hints of the story behind the game.

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    General: Google's Ingress Now Available on iTunes

    Google's 'real world' MMO, Ingress, is now available on iTunes and can be played by those with any iOS system. As players move through the real world, they are given hints about a mysterious energy that has been released in the world and have the ability to collect items, align with other players to capture territory and much more.

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    Firefall: Just How Much Has Changed for Launch? A Lot.

    If your first reaction to reading the title of this article was, "Wait, Firefall hasn't been released yet?" I don't think anyone would blame you. Originally announced way back in 2010, this MMO shooter has been struggling for the past few years to finally grasp hold of its original vision. From the overly convoluted original progression system, to a hampered PvP mode, nearly all facets of the game have undergone extreme renovations in the past couple years.

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    General: This Week's Live Stream Schedule

    We've published this week's Live Stream schedule that is packed with MMO action, including a special stream to be held on Wednesday. Check it out and make your plans to be there!

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    More Expensive Blizzard Store Mounts = More Prestige? | Ten Ton Hammer

    Some WoW players are demanding higher priced mounts in the hopes of garnering them in-game prestige. However, there are some things money can't buy.

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    Stalker DPS Build Guide | Ten Ton Hammer

    In this guide we provide you with a breakdown on how to maximise your Stalker DPS through skills, AMPs, Tiers and rotations.

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    Top 5 Should-Be World of Warcraft Classes | Ten Ton Hammer

    Five classes that would be excellent additions to World of Warcraft.

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    Warrior Class Guide | Ten Ton Hammer

    In this guide we provide you with all you need to know about the Warrior.

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    Exclusive Interview with Star Citizen’s New Director of Persistent Universe | Ten Ton Hammer

    While the new Dogfight Module for Star Citizen is what most folks are talking about, there's been a recent addition to the team worth mentioning. Tony Zurovec, developer and producer of the legendary Crusader series of games and another Origin alum, has been brought on as the new Director of Persistent Universe.

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