[Rift] Mage Endgame PvP - Failing Upwards to Rank 100 Ep 11

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Withings' Activité fitness watches now talk to your Android phone

If you've been aching to try Withings' Activité fitness watches but couldn't because you don't carry an iPhone, you can relax. The company has announced that both the original Activité and the Pop will support Android as of March 2nd. While the Healt...
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Das Tal - Full Loot PvP Sandbox MMORPG

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SanDisk stuffs 200GB into a microSD card for your phone

If a 128GB microSD card just isn't big enough to put your media collection on your phone, don't worry -- SanDisk is coming to your rescue. It just unveiled a whopping 200GB card (the Ultra microSDXC UHS-I card Premium Edition, to be exact) that makes...
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For people who liked runescape, What mmorpg are you enjoying now?

What mmorpg got you really addicted and hooked after playing runescape for many years? A mmorpg that actually substituted runescape?

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The Apple Watch has a low-power mode that only tells the time

If you're jonesing for an Apple Watch, you probably want to do a lot with it. But what if you're headed out to a party and would rather not risk staring at a dead screen when you're wondering how late it is? Don't worry, you're covered. The New York ...
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TERA and Neverwinter?

So, I never really gave these games a fair chance. Didn't really get further than the tutorial. Should I bother or is it a no-go? Pros and cons?

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These 'privacy glasses' make you invisible to facial recognition

You're going out with friends mid-week, and you don't want the boss/significant other/parole officer to find out. But it's a birthday celebration, and Facebook's auto-tagging the pictures your buddies upload like a dirty snitch. The first piece of ad...
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Samsung Galaxy S6 comes with Microsoft apps out of the box

Those rumors that Samsung would reduce the glut of in-house software on the Galaxy S6, and include some of Microsoft's apps? They're at least partly true. Both the S6 and S6 edge will ship with a "Microsoft Apps" folder that currently includes OneDri...
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Realm Zero - Land Claiming & Player Housing (Live)

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Heroes of the Storm - Azmodan Character Guide

Heroes of the Storm

Winning matches in Heroes of the Storm is all about understanding the different characters in the game and using each of them to the best possible effect. There are several different types of characters in the game including assassins, warriors, specialists, and support.  While characters fit into specific roles, each character plays very differently from the others and that is where this guide comes in.

Azmodan – Basics

Azmodan is a ranged specialist character in Heroes of the Storm that comes from the Diablo universe. Azmodan is best described as a siege specialist rather than a ranged specialist since he deals mainly in methods to help push lanes and destroy buildings. How he does that though can vary, he has several viable builds and many viable talents along the way.  This guide will look at the talents that are most useful and describe two builds that I really like.


  • Amazing range with his basic abilities
  • Can split push lanes with his General of Hell ability
  • Huge health pool
  • Extremely dangerous when unwatched


  • Low mobility
  • No escapes or CC
  • Will be focused by enemies due to his power

Cost: 10,000 Gold or $9.99 USD

Azmodan – Abilities

Globe of Annihilation (Q) [10 second cooldown] – This attack lobs a long range AOE attack at your target.  Long range means, essentially from your towers to the enemy towers!  It deals moderate damage though and is best used clearing lane minions.

Summon Demon Warrior (W) [10 second cooldown] – This ability summons a demon warrior that will march along in the path you select and attack whatever gets in its way.  This ability can hold 2 stacks and are best saved to stack along with your General of Hell ability.

All Shall Burn (E) [6 second cooldown] – This is a channelled attack that deals bonus damage the longer you channel it, and even more bonus damage to enemy structures.  It is a very strong attack and will keep going until you cancel it or run out of mana.  You must remain stationary though and that limits its use, at least early on until you take the talent that allows you to move while channelling it.

Demonic Invasion (R) [100 second cooldown] – This is the first of the level 10 options.  When activated this ability rains down demons on an AOE.  Each demon deals impact damage as well as leaving a demon in place that will attack the closest target.  While each demons damage is low, they deal double damage to non-hero targets, making them ideal for pushing down towers and keeps. 

Black Pool (R) [20 second cooldown] – This is the second of the level 10 options. This ability creates a pool on the ground that allows yourself, demons, minions, and mercenaries to deal an additional 75% damage for 5 seconds. It can hold two charges and can dramatically increase damage output, but makes you become immobile for 5 seconds if you want to make the most use of it.

General of Hell (D) (30 second cooldown) – Azmodan’s trait is a very powerful one that allows you to summon a powerful minion that marches along with lane minions or mercenaries and increases their damage and health by 15% while he is active.  Best of all it has a global range, meaning you can use it anywhere on the map to help push that lane.

Anub’arak – Talents

Every hero in Heroes of the Storm has several talents that they gain access to as they level in each match.  Rather than look at every talent here, I am going to focus on the best talents at each level.

Level 1

At the first level there are a few good options but they depend on what you want to end up doing later in the game.  Taste for Blood and Sieging Wrath are the most common picks as they both increase your main damage ability in different ways.  My preference would be Taste for Blood as it boosts your late game damage more, which is where you really need it. A less common pick, but one that I really like is Spare Nothing, which removes ammo from towers as you hit them with All Shall Burn.  While not useful on all maps, it can be extremely strong for early game pushes to take down towers on the Haunted Mines or Garden of Terror maps.

Level 4

This level has only two decent choices, which are Burn the Weak and Bound Minion.  Burn the Weak boosts your All Shall Burn damage against mercenary camps by 50% allowing you to grab them quickly.  Bound Minion boosts the health and damage of a lane minion that you use General of Hell on, making it very useful for pushing lanes quickly.

Level 7

This level grants access to one of your best talents, Infernal Globe.  This talent speeds up your cast time and the travel time of your Globe of Annihilation ability by 40%.  Since this is one of your key abilities and since it is such a long cast time, and slow travel time, this talent is almost a must take talent.  It makes hitting with your Globe of Annihilation much easier for both siege attacks and in team fights.  If you are focusing on talents based on mercenaries them Mercenary Lord is also a fair option but to make the most of it you need to focus on a merc build which means the rest of the team will need to support you.

Level 10

At this level you gain access to either Demonic Invasion or Black Pool.  Initially most players pick up Demonic Invasion as they feel it deals the most damage and helps with structures the most.  While a strong talent, it is not the best once you learn to use the other.  Black Pool requires a lot more thought and positioning when being used, but can be utterly devastating when used correctly.  Ignoring the boost to your own damage, which is substantial, this talent can melt enemy structures insanely fast.  Use it while you have a General of Hell near a group of lane minions or mercenaries that are attacking an enemy structure and it literally melts in seconds.  On maps with siege giants this ability can spell the end of the game quickly.

Level 13

This level provides a few solid options.  The most common choice is March of Sin which allows you to move while channelling All Shall Burn.  This really improves the basic ability allowing you to move with fleeing enemies to finish them off, and is the go to talent here.  Relentless should be take if your opponents have a lot of CC being used as it should allow you to live longer by being able to get away more often.  However since Azmodan has low mobility anyway, it should be a judgement call on taking it, sometimes being able to kill someone before you die is just as good as “potentially” avoiding that death.  Lastly Hellforged Armor allows you to push lanes faster, so if the game is going slow and there are still lots of towers up, this may be an option to help get them down.

Level 16

This tier once again has several good options, in fact all of the choices here are good.  My go to talent is Battleborn since it summons a demon each time you use Globe of Annihilation, which you will use often.  Demonic Smite is also a strong choice for almost any occasion since it boosts your General of Hells damage by a huge amount and means that he simply can not be ignored by your enemies.  The other two talents are a bit more situational, but excellent when that situation is met.  Imposing Presence should be taken any time the opponents have high auto attack based heroes that are focusing on you, such as Valla, Illidan, and others, it will slow down their attacks by 50% and almost completely shut down their damage to you.  Blood for Blood provides both healing and damage, and can help you stay alive or even provide kills when the enemy has a lot of tank based heroes.  If you are being focused by Diablo, Stitches, Tyrael, or Arthas, then this talent is well worth taking.

Level 20

Your top level talents provide some really good options and many are worth considering based on the state of the battle.  My go to talent here tends to be Storm Shield since being able to keep everyone alive in a team fight for a few seconds more often turns the tide of battle in your favour more than any extra damage will.  Perishing Flame or Fifth Circle both boost your level 10 talent choice significantly and are good options if you need the extra damage.  Lastly, on maps where escaping situations is key, such as Blackheart’s Bay, Bolt of the Storm can be extremely useful and keep you alive with a lot of coins on you.

Azmodan -  Strategy

Azmodan can be a lot of fun to play and is extremely powerful when played correctly.  He plays differently than many other heroes since he can play in the lane or location where he is, as well as participating in other lanes with his General of Hell and even sometimes his Globe of Annihilation.  This means he can impact the game more than many other heroes since he can essentially be in two places at once.

In the early game Azmodan should setup in a lane and try to push the first set of towers down quickly.  To do this you can send some demons forward early to waste some of the towers ammo, then summon your general of hell once your first wave of minions arrive.  Then hit the enemy minions with your Globe of Annihilation and keep summoning demons.  This should get you to the towers by the time the second wave is coming (assuming no heavy opposition).  At this point you can start to burn down the towers in between summoning demons and blasting enemy minions with your globes.

Once the mid-game arrives, you can start to exert more pressure with your level 10 talents and push down buildings any chance you get.  Keep in mind though that you can be caught easily by the enemy, so stay as far back as possible.  Also, even though you can push lanes, you need to keep the team fights that start to occur in mind and focus on getting to them, or to map objectives, quickly to help your team.  Luckily you can keep up pressure on a lane even when you are not there, thanks to your General of Hell.

In the late game, your focus stays much the same, pushing down enemy buildings.  Here though you need to be even more cautious as the enemy assassins will have much greater damage output than you do, and if caught alone will kill you quickly.  Stay grouped up, and keep pushing ahead.

Like many specialists, Azmodan can deal a lot of structure damage quickly.  It is well worth discussing with your team about staying in a lane to push while they deal with map objectives and potentially even team fights.  This will be dependant on the map and your teams ability to deal with the map and the enemy team though, so be prepared to adapt to each game.  As an example, if you can continue to push a lane while everyone is in the Haunted Mines though, it can easily put your team a level or two ahead and put the game in your favour, assuming that they can still get enough skulls to keep the golems roughly equal.  If your team can not keep the skull count close without you though, then you need to help out, or the push you provide will not help enough to counter what the golems can do.  This is true on the Garden of Terror and Sky Temple maps as well, where a strong push while the rest of the teams are focused on map objectives can easily push your team into a big lead.


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Raid and Dungeon Q&A [WoW - Video]

Warlords of Draenor

Video Q&A with Ion Hazzikostas and Josh Allen. 

Lead Game Designer Ion "Watcher" Hazzikostas sits down with Community Manager Josh "Lore" Allen to answer Raid/Dungeon-related questions. 



We would love to hear your thoughts!

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Grumpy Gamer: Sayonara Suckers


Well, kids, times are hard. I guess Obama's healthcare plan made Middle Eastern oil super cheap for a couple of days, and the economy imploded. Nobody is immune to this whatever-it-is that is obviously Obama's fault - not even TenTonHammer. We're doing better than, say, Massively, but there have been some cuts. One of those cuts is me.

I'll be honest - this job ran a lot longer than I thought it would when it started back in the fall of 2010, and I've been grateful for every moment of it. Even when it might have seemed as though I considered the whole thing a damned inconvenience. The folks here are swell people and have been a pleasure to work with.

That being said, there's no goddamn way the Grumpy Gamer can go out with anything like class, so here are some parting shots at a few of my favorite staffers - these bridges aren't going to burn themselves. Be warned, I am petty and foul, so some of these are probably just malevolent lies:

Reuben, AKA Sardu: If you've ever been in a phone call with Reuben, or chatted via Skype or Ventrilo, you will know, as I do, that he has an inhumanly boring voice. It's never the content - really, Reuben is a fascinating dude - it's all in the delivery. Even all those times when he was tearing a strip off my ass for something and shit was getting intense, I had to struggle to stay awake through the incessant drone. It's like using a rubber mallet wrapped in a down-filled pillow to drive a beige spike into your hippocampus, causing your body to be flooded with tryptophan and Xanax while your high school Geography teacher lectures you about meridians. On a more interesting note, when Reuben assumes the role of his alter-ego, Barlow, he tears the heads off of doves, then sews them back on and reanimates the corpses as zombie-doves, which he uses as a message-delivery system in lieu of texting.

David, AKA Xerin: I've always secretly assumed that Xerin hated me because he was super-jealous of my obviously-superior grasp of English grammar - when he was my managing editor on SWTORHub, I think it rankled him that he never needed to edit my punctuation. It is a little-known secret that Xerin yearns for the simple life - living day-to-day, wearing camo overalls, listening to Hank Williams Jr and Merle Haggard, shooting beavers in backwater swamps, growing his beard to epic length, and sacrificing his fellow furries to Mighty Yog-Sothoth, Lurker at the Threshold, Opener of the Way. 

Lewis, AKA PersistentWorld: When society collapses under the weight of its own hubris and mankind descends into warring tribes that slowly but inevitably destroy themselves, at the end of the Time of Man, there will be two final champions representing the duality of humankind. On the one side, there will be me, wielding a mighty war-axe, representing justice and epic heroism. On the other side will be my arch-nemesis Lewis, wielding pocket-sand and a fist full of frayed bungee cords, who represents everything that is sucky and weird.

I don't know the rest of the staff as well as these three, but I believe they're all Nazis, Satanists, cult terrorists who hate freedom and your precious American 1st and 2nd Amendments, or dope-fiends. I'm reasonably certain that Boomjack is all four of those things. I've never really talked to him in person - that's just what his prostitutes tell me, and they seem like a nice bunch of folks, even with all the bizarre genetic abnormalities.

This is running long, so... keep on trolling, internet. And keep a weather eye open for TehGunky in a MMO near you, because I'll be the one trolling back. 

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Crowfall Meets Funding Goal with 27 Days Remaining in Campaign


Crowfall, the upcoming MMO from developer ArtCraft Entertainment, reached its Kickstarter funding goal of $800,000 earlier today. With 27 days left in the campaign, the message has been sent loud and clear that MMO gamers are eager to experience all that Crowfall has to offer, and help the development team fund additional features for the core module.

In anticipation of reaching the backing goal early, some initial stretch goals have been outlined on the official Kickstarter project page. The first of these include:

Stretch Goal 1 (1.0 million) – New Character & FX

The first stretch goal bundles in a number of upgrades to the Crowfall core module, but the major include here is that it will allow ArtCraft to bring in a dedicated FX Artist. This person will be able to focus on improvements to spell and environmental FX, while also freeing up the project’s lead character modeler to continue working more directly within his area of expertise.

Stretch Goal 2 (1.3 million) – Mounts and Caravans

This goal will inject an interesting quality of life improvement with the core module. A mainstay of the game will be the need to transport goods acquired during campaigns back to your personal kingdom. This stretch goal will see the addition of mounts that will not only allow for swifter travel, but will be able to double as a means of expanding inventory so that you’re able to transport more goods.

Both of these stretch goals sound like worthy includes for the core module, and given the impressive rate at which the project has been funded up to this point, I won’t be terribly surprised to see these stretch goals achieved as well.

For more details on the current stretch goals, and to track the ongoing progress of the campaign, be sure to hit the official Kickstarter project page for Crowfall. You can also learn more about what makes the game tick, and some of the interesting design decisions that have resonated so well with MMO fans over on the official Crowfall website.

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Guild Wars 2 Druid Thoughts And Hopes

Guild Wars 2
Persistent Worlds

It’s fun to speculate and like most Guild Wars 2 players, I’ve spent a great deal of time lately thinking about what niches the existing professions and their Specializations could fulfil. So far we only know about the Druid which leaves 8 other professions (including the Revenant). its probably been difficult for ArenaNet to come up with 9 Specializations because most of the classes and roles already bleed into one another but despite that, I do think there’s a few that instantly spring to mind: Thief (Marksman), Necromancer (Reaper), Mesmer (Chronomancer) and Engineer (Tinkerer). As for Warrior and Guardian, I’m really not sure at this point. As a Ranger player, there’s only one Specialization I’m interested in at the moment and that’s the Druid.  

Current Status Of Ranger

At the moment, Ranger’s arguably rely on their pets only a small amount and frustratingly they have no control over their skill use. You can predict some skills (such as when you swap a new pet in, you know it’ll do a specific attack) but for the most part, pets largely act as a glorified damage over time skill due to the poor animation speed and pathing. They have some utility, help a little in Player versus Enemy encounters but are negligible and often a liability in all PvE boss encounters. In addition, the pet based Shouts (4 of them) are almost all terrible. Lastly, outside of Spirit use the Ranger provides very little in the way of group utility, especially in comparison to likes of a staff Elementalist. That leaves Rangers in a weird position because their damage is very high (certainly as Longbow and Greatsword) but it isn’t as high as a Mesmer or Thief and if they pursue such a power build, they lack a whole host of uses that those classes bring.

Where Conditions are concerned, Rangers are actually incredibly powerful but they’re also slow and again, have almost no utility in comparison to an Engineer. Where a Condition Ranger can comfortably burn players down very quickly, surviving anything more than a 1 on 1 is incredibly challenging (especially if you aren’t using a Sword - which is a power based weapon) and escaping is near impossible. In contrast, an Engineer has so many methods of survival (Tool Kit, Elixir S, Slick Shoes, Shield) that the Ranger really isn’t comparable. They need mobility.

The Druid

With all that in mind, I suspect the Druid will not only fulfil a group based role through its staff skills, but they’ll have much greater emphasis on utilising their pet and providing area condition damage from range. Skills such as Entangle and Muddy Terrain are the sort of existing skills that a typical Druid might use and I believe we’ll see an evolution of those. If anything, I also suspect that some of the Druid skills will be the opposite of a Rangers traps, such as Poison Spores and Healing Seeds that cloud an area and attach onto players (ally or foe).

Outside of Signet of Stone, that all Rangers rely on, I’d like to see a greater ability to mitigate damage outside of dodging and some evasion. Protection is difficult for a Ranger to obtain, so a skill such as Barkskin, that acts similarly to Arcane Shield, would be welcome. Where the Pets are concerned, I’d also hope that there’s a greater synergy between the skills you use on your weapons and the impact it has on your pet. At the moment only a couple of skills cause an effect on your pet: I’d like to see that change with the Druid. My preference would be that every staff skill you use would provide a specific buff to you, your pet and your allies.

Similarly to an Engineer’s turrets, I’d like to see pets have some sort of aura that provides a boost to allies, with pets having specific aura’s based on their species. For example, Birds could provide power and precision while bears could provide toughness and vitality. It would also be welcome to see Druids having the ability to customise their pets skills and if possible, have shouts be replaced or significantly improved. At the moment, the ability to command your pet to do anything outside of attacking rarely happens because shout skills are so poor: I don’t feel I’m ever commanding my pet to do my bidding, it’s sort of tagging along.

Most importantly, the Druid has to somehow make the pet matter. At the moment, the pet swapping mechanic feels like a plaster for the fact they die so quickly and even the huge health pools they now have still leaves them as cannon fodder. What I’d prefer more than anything is to see the pet swapping removed on Druid and have it so the the pet can be reliably cared for during battle.


What Specilization are you looking forward to? Does the Druid appeal to you or do you play another class? Let me know!

Source: Ten Ton Hammer

General: The Daily Quest - What Dead Game Do You Want Resurrected?

We've all lost a beloved game... and in the MMO industry, they rarely come back unless by less-than-legal means. But if you could pick, what one dead MMO would you see make a comeback? That is today's daily quest.

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Warhammer 40.000: Eternal Crusade: Special Edition Stream to Reveal First Faction Leader

Behaviour Interactive will be hosting a very special Twitch live stream this Friday, February 27th from 2:00 pm Eastern / 11:00 Pacific that will be squarely focused on lore. The discussion will start with how Games Workshop and Graham McNeill work in tandem with Behaviour to ensure the most cohesive lore possible.

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General: Echo of Soul Player Character Classes Unveiled

The Echo of Soul site has been updated with detailed information about each of the game's five character classes. Each class features a pair of specializations which are revealed on the newly updated site.

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Skyforge: First Closed Beta Event Announced, Founder's Packs Revealed, the Allods Team and Obsidian Entertainment have announced that the first Skyforge closed beta event will kick off on March 11th. The event will last for a week with access guaranteed through the purchase of the newly revealed Founder's Packs. Purchase of a Founder's Pack will ensure access to all forthcoming beta events as well. Prices include various in-game rewards and can be purchased for $19.99, $49.99 or $69.99.

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General: The Skies Limited Alpha Testing Begins

Eforb Games has announced that its post apocalyptic MMO, The Skies, has officially kicked off its limited alpha testing phase of development. Recently approved via the Steam Greenlight program, the game world developers around player choices and the various factions throughout the world.

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