Hearthstone World Championship Prize Pool Gets Bumped by Blizzard to 1 Million

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

It looks like the Hearthstone will be joining all the other major esports this year who saw massive growth in the size of their prize pools. Blizzard will be quadrupling the World Hearthstone Championships prize pool to a cool 1 million dollars. The confidence Blizzard has in their immensely popular trading card game is well founded. It's regular top five game on Twitch, with it's major tournaments pulling hundreds of thousands of viewers.

Many other Esports saw a rise int he size of their championship purses this year, most notably Dota 2, whose compendium sales propelled the pool to over 15 million dollars. One can't forget the ever present League of Legends in prize pool talk. Their World Championships has a pool of over 2 million, with the winner taking home an entire million of it.

You can check out the full list of details regarding the upcoming Hearthstone season on this official news release.

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Sick of waiting? Wait longer.

Even if you don't like the officially known upcoming MMORPGs (Albion, Black Desert, Blade & Soul, ToS etc.), you'll have to stick with them.

They are the only ones we know that will be released in 2016. If you expect any indie and/or little known MMO (a.k.a eternal alpha ones), you won't get anything anytime soon. The good ones (if you think the upcoming ones are bad) will probably come 2018 or later.


Are you really sick and tired of waiting for good MMOs? Well, just hope the 2016 releases will open the door for the future and you might get a good MMO in 2020 or so. There's a long, long way to get there, sadly...

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Rainbow Six Siege Goes Shakespeare with Launch Trailer

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege

Nothing gets you in the mood for some tactical first person shooter action like a Shakespeare quote. At least that's what Ubisoft is hoping with their launch trailer that just debut on the UK version of their Youtube channel. 

The short clip of a counter terrorist squad heading into battle is played over by a classical orchestra tune and a section of Shakespeare from the play Henry V. It's one of the more well known pieces of Shakespeare's work, and starts off with the famous "Once more into the breach, dear friends". A line that has seen it's fair share of screen time in movies. 

The actual footage of the trailer features some explosion packed, slow motion action full of flying bullets as the counter terrorists and terrorists continue their never ending fight over bomb placements. If you've got the game pre-ordered, this is the perfect primer material to get you ready for Monday at midnight.

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Bungie Holds Black Friday Sale for Destiny Gear


Want to show your friends just how much of a guardian you really are, or have a Destiny obsessed friend you haven't gotten a holiday present for? Then you may want to check out the Bungie store this weekend to pick up some Destiny gear at discount prices. Everything is on sale the entire weekend at a discount of 25%.

Everything is on sale, from plushies to sweaters to Destiny themed glasses and water bottles. Unforunately the most popular item ever to grace the Bungie store, the engram stress balls, are still sold out so you can't grab them just yet. 

My personal favorite has to be the sparrow wood model, that makes amazing desk art. Of course if you're looking for stocking stuffers you can always grab a ghost plushy or poster. 

Bungie's not the only developer holding a sale this weekend for merch, so if Destiny's not your thing you would be wise to head to your favorite dev and check out their store. Chances are they're having a deal too.

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Instagram tests multiple account support on Android

The Instagram team appears to be readying an Android update that will introduce one of its most highly requested features: multiple account support. For the average user this probably isn't a big deal, but for professional photographers, social media...
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Thoughts on Blade and soul

Hello, I was accepted in the blade and soul beta and played for 2 days so far. I loved it as soon as I got in, but after playing to level 12 I have some complaints. First of all, there doesn't seem to be much to do. This might just be me, but all I can see to do is generic quests. I tried joining the pvp but I got my ass kicked. The areas are amazingly beautiful, the mobs are cool looking, the combat is amazing and it has to be the best one I've experienced in an MMO, but there doesn't seem to be much to do. I hope I am wrong and I find some good ideas from you guys.

In addition, I wanted to try the capabilities of other classes too, and so did I. However, the starting zone is the same, and you have to go through the same exact questlines, in the same areas. Only thing that changes is the class quests, which aren't really long. In my opinion it feels boring to level alts when you have already done the same thing.

I think those 2 reasons are enough for me to give up on the game, but the combat is just so addicting. Killing mobs and running around trying all the possible combos is the most fun part of the game.

I know I havent played the game for long, but this is my summary of the first 3-4 hours. I am really curious to see what you guys think of the game and what it has to offer in the late game :D Cheers .

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Black Friday and Cyber Weekend MMO & MOBA Deals (WoW, SMITE, HotS, etc.)

World of Warcraft

We've done the searching to bring you a collection of various sales and deals on your favorite MMOs and MOBAs. Below you'll find what's on sale so you know if you're missing something big from World of Warcraft to SMITE and everything in-between. We'll be updating this list as we find more deals online, but hopefully you won't be missing the valuable gifts from logging into Guild Wars 2 or the huge sale over at Neverwinter Online if those games are of your interest.



MOBA Deals

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Bill Gates is launching a multibillion-dollar clean energy fund

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates is set to reveal a massive clean energy project on Monday, during the first day of the United Nations climate change summit in Paris. According to Reuters, which originally reported the news, the French government has...
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Lenovo teams with Razer on gaming PCs

When you think of gaming PCs, Lenovo probably isn't your first choice. It has gaming PCs, but it's often far more tempting to either go with a game-centric brand or build a system yourself. Lenovo may have a way to improve its reputation, though. It'...
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Albion Online Zoning and Flagging Explained

Albion Online

Designing an MMO to account for open world PvP is a more challenging prospect than one might think. As noted in a recent developer blog for Albion Online, one thing that underscores the entire concept is keeping things fair for new players. Very few gamers enjoy getting ganked within the first hour of play, and fewer still are likely to stick with the game over time when doing so involves too few negative repercussions for the player-killers involved.

One of the ways this is being addressed is with Albion’s current flagging system. In short, the game employs a “pre-attack flagging” system as opposed to a “post-attack penalty”. What that means is that players will need to intentionally choose to participate in PvP, and by doing so, it gives other players some additional feedback to help determine where and how they choose to approach playing the game.

A good example for how this is beneficial for players is that areas can display how many players are currently flagged as criminals.

The post goes on to explain how zones in Albion Online attempt to account for more potential world states than a simple black / white, or PvP on / off system allows for.

From the official post:

Before it was totally black and white. On the one hand (green zone) you had no pvp at all but on the other hand, when entering a red zone, you were directly confronted with the full loot mechanic. Despite the flagging system it really felt like: “Ok, so here, there is no boxing allowed but once you step through this door, feel free to have a real fight with Lennox Lewis.”

There is a large group of people who are extreme hardcore PvP players and where we are happy that they are playing our game but there is an even larger group of players who are not so much into PvP because of various reasons.

And we want our game to be very good at motivating and preparing these people to also try out PvP. So we decided that the first step after the green zone is our current version of the yellow zone where the penalty is a durability loss only.

To continue reading the full post and learn more about how zones and flagging factor into the PvP experience, be sure to visit the official site for Albion Online.

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I heard ESO got a big update. Is the game good now?

Never played, but I heard the game disappointed a lot of people. How is it now, with the update?

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9 gifts for animal lovers

Winter is coming. And with it also comes the need to show the loved ones in your life just how much you care for them by spending, spending, spending on gifts. Trouble is, there are just so many options to choose from. What you really need is someone...
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What is your "guilty pleasure" MMO?

As in, an MMO you like that you know has quite a few problems, but like it anyway. Mine is Uncharted Waters Online, as it is so unique that I have failed to find any MMO that comes close to it in terms of gameplay. Of course it does suffer from a few P2W elements, and it takes a heck of a long time to get anything done, but I still like it.

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The best electric shaver

By Dan Koeppel This post was done in partnership with The Sweethome, a buyer's guide to the best things for your home. Read the full article here.After more than eight months of testing with a dozen different men and a dozen different shavers, we fou...
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How long is The Secret World for main quest?

Hi all,

  1. I would like to know how many gaming hours are in the main quest?

  2. Also, how many gaming hours if I purchase the Ultimate edition which includes all the issues and sidequests?

Thank you.

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Albion Online: Precise Closed Beta Starting Times Revealed & Reddit AMA

With only a few days left until the commencement of the Albion Online closed beta event, the team is unleashing start times for players of various founder levels and have additionally announced a Reddit AMA that will take place in about an hour.

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Das Tal: Player Feedback Integral to Forthcoming Alterations

The Das Tal team has taken to its official site to discuss with players the importance of their feedback both during the 24/7 test event and in the subsequent days. Taking the community input into consideration, the blog is packed with things the developers will be working on in the next weeks and months.

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General: Pangaea - Post Apocalyptic Survival MMO Introduced

LVR Studios has sent word that a new multi-platform post-apocalyptic survival MMO is in the works. Pangaea is in the works for PC, Mac, PlayStation 4 and XBox One. Pangaea is targeting a late 2016 release and is featured as one of the promising titles for the upcoming year on Steam Greenlight.

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Blade & Soul: Ready to Hit the Ground Running On January 19th

NCSoft has announced that Blade & Soul will officially launch in North America and Europe on January 19, 2016 at 9:00 pm Pacific / 12:00 am Eastern. Name reservation will begin on January 11th for those who purchase Disciple and Master packs with a Founder's Pack early access event slated to begin on January 15th.

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Armored Warfare: Tier 9 Tanks Rumble In

Obsidian Entertainment and have announced that players will be able to get a first hand look at the new Tier 9 tanks, the most powerful vehicles in the game. Players will also be able to take advantage of a new feature that allows them to make custom matches and much more.

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