Shards Online - Feb update details - New Stretch goal and a look at new map

Hey everyone, Just did a short video on Shards Online's latest February update.

I talk about the stretch goals, new armour and new map.

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Well I just tried the BDO character customization. Disappointing.

First of all, gender lock. Lots of it.

And the two of the -three- male classes either have to look like a simpleton and a brute (Berserker) and as a wizard you need to be an old man.

And it seems that the four most interesting characters are female only. It's 2016, super disappointing.

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Are there MMO's with "Lazy / Real time" mechanics similar to Eve?

One of the biggest things that drew me to Eve was being able to set my mining laser on ice, alt+tab to do some work for a client and come back 10-12min later feeling like I actually accomplished something. Same with Eve's skill progression / manufactoring / PI that goes on even when you're not online. Passive progression.

Are there any other games with similar systems? As dumb as it sounds, I'm looking for a game that I don't have to play too much but still be productive in it; if that makes sense.

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Any themepark MMORPGs coming in 2016/2017?

Im looking for a classic type of MMORPG (think Everquest, WoW, Rift, etc), and while i can't seem to find any new stuff myself, maybe i just missed it - basically, i know there isnt anything out right now, but i want something to look forward to.

  • Classic MMORPG feel - that means third person tab targeting, with quests, dungeons, class trinity etc. WoW, EQ, SWTOR, Wildstar, etc are all good examples. Diablo, Crowfall and Planetside are bad examples.

  • If the game is on the POPULAR MMO SUBREDDITS list to the right, then i have already played it or know about it. Im trying to find something new or upcoming.

  • Free to play, Buy to play, Monthly subscrion - all of these are perfectly fine for me. Also dont care if game is being developed, is in alpha stage, or was only announced - like i said, i just want something to look forward to, not necessarily play right now.

  • ZERO interest in PvP. I dont mind if game has pvp in it, but i will only participate in PVE events, so dungeons/raids/etc are a must.

I suspect a 99% chance of this getting no responses (or someone saying that there are no such games coming up), but just in case of that 1%, i dont mind trying.

Many thanks


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Help finding an MMO

Haven't ever gotten to end game in an MMO yet and I am still looking for one to get into. Right now it is between FFXIV, WOW, TERA, and ESO, or I will just wait for Black Desert. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

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Engadget editors on the highs and lows of online dating

Years ago, getting involved in a relationship with someone you met online was a bit of a taboo. Not only was it supposedly for weirdos, but it was also seen as a bit dangerous, since you couldn't tell who was on the other end. These days, however, on...
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Huawei's $80 smartwatch isn't worth it

You remember that adage about how if you want something cheap, fast and good, you can only get two? I'm too drunk to recall it properly, but Huawei's doing its best to tick all three boxes with the Honor Band Z1. It's a wearable from the company's Ho...
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One-year timelapse video of the sun shows its dancing corona

NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory was only designed to fly for five years, but it has celebrated six years of 24/7 solar observation on February 11th. The ultraHD video below the fold is a timelapse that stitches together images the spacecraft captur...
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Space architecture: Six buildings for the final frontier

By Cat DiStasio Mars has captured the world's attention recently, but space agencies around the globe haven't forgotten that there's a whole slew of other planets out there. And with continued planetary exploration, of course, comes the necessity to...
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Astronaut Scott Kelly will answer questions from space on Tumblr

Scott Kelly, the NASA astronaut with a green thumb, is hosting Answer Time on Tumblr right from the ISS. What's "Answer Time," you ask? It's like Reddit's AMA where the host fields questions from readers, so if you missed Kelly's AMA earlier this yea...
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Five Ways to Save Money on Games


We all like to save some cash in this economy and there is a variety of ways to save money on video games, especially MMOs, if you know the tricks of the trade. Sales happen at reliable intervals and are always going to provide you with some savings over retail, especially on DLC and in-game purchases, while a variety of other tricks can help you find the deep deals you crave.

While you can luck into a deal, often times research is going to be the best suggestion. The more you know about min and maximum prices, how much a game has gone on sale for before, and what retailers carry it, the better off you are.

Use Your Search Engine

Search for the name of the game plus "deals," where usually you'll find a wealth of information for that specific game on sites like dealzon, along with forums that'll discuss what you're looking for. You can be creative too, if you want say a key to a lockbox or a specific costume, there is a good chance there is a discussion about if and when it'll go on sale. For retail games, obviously, there is often a bounty of information available on lowest prices.

Ultimately, this is all about research and should be the first step to any purchase.

Holiday Rampage

During any holiday, no matter how small, in-game items will often go on discount, especially if they keep anything from the last seasonal event in the store. Games will likely go on sale during minor holidays, and obviously everything goes on major sale during black friday / the holiday shopping season. Like for instance, Valentine's Day will bring a host of discounts and sales across the board, and Steam will usually run a holiday sale at the same time too.

Steam Sales

Steam sales happen at:

  • Summer
  • Black Friday
  • Christmas / Winter Holiday
  • Halloween

These are set in stone and will likely happen each and every year. The times vary a smidge, but they're the biggest sales in virtual gaming I know of. If you want to take advantage of a steam sale, there is lots of strategies, up to and including only buying games the last day unless they're on a flash sale, only buying games during the flash sale, etc. Steam will, now, let you refund a game and have given clerance to refund in order to repurchase at a lower rate. So my advice is you see something at a price you like during a sale, buy it, but don't play it until the sale is over, unless you're sure that's the lowest price.

Sites like SteamDB et al will list prices and historical data for games.

Retail Stores

Big box stores like Toys R' Us, Wal-Mart, Best Buy, et al run sales frequently and are often overlooked, including in-game DLC that is available in scratch cards in the physical stores and often as cd-keys online. You might not think there are good deals there, but often you'll find blockbuster games heavily discounted, to stay in competition with online retailers.

Email Marketing

I don't suggest you sign up for emails, but doing so can often land big deals either in the form of short-term discount coupons for simply registering or often times email specific coupons delivered to you. If you enjoy a retailer a lot, it's not all bad news to sign up for some email spam willingly. Plus it can give you regular updates to their sales.

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Guide to Key Lore Figures in Legion

World of Warcraft

Legion is all about the lore. In fact, this expansion will tap into tons of classic World of Warcraft lore. This includes a host of heroes and villains both familiar and totally new to us. These epic characters will shape the world of Legion and we will likely get to know them quite intimately before the end of the expansion. For now, we only have limited information (and a whole lot of speculation) on how these characters will intertwine into the story. Here is a look at the key lore figures in Legion and what we know and can perhaps guess so far:

Anduin Wrynn

Anduin Wrynn was nothing put a small boy when World of Warcraft first launched. Since then, he has grown up considerably. Heir to the throne of Stormwind and son to King Varian Wrynn; Anduin is a true diplomat. Wise beyond his years, Anduin has even used his skills of persuasion to convince his hot headed father to lay down his arms in the name of peace.

However, in Legion Anduin will be tested in ways that he never has before. While not confirmed, it seems likely that Anduin will be thrust into the role of King of Stormwind. All of his diplomatic skill will be rendered useless as the Burning Legion stages their invasion of Azeroth. In Legion Anduin will learn what peace really costs and will have to decide if he is willing to pay the hefty bill.

Maiev Shadowsong

Anyone who played in the Burning Crusade expansion will remember Maiev Shadowsong. A legend among the notorious Watchers, Maiev was the tracker and eventual captor of Illidan Stormrage inside the Black Temple in Outland. After capturing Illidan she also captured his many followers; the Illidari and vowed never to allow them to roam free ever again. Despite her success, Maiev admitted that her life was empty without the chase of Illidan.

In Legion, Illidan will be freed and his Demon Hunter associates will be welcomed as valuable allies. While we can’t say for sure, we can only assume that Maiev will not take this development well. Her part in Legion remains to be seen, but the release of Illidan and his associates may be the catalyst that sends Maiev over the edge.

Genn Greymane

King of the nation and kingdom of Gilneas, Lord Genn Greymane has taken a backseat role since his introduction in Cataclysm. Legion will change all that and bring Genn and perhaps the rest of his Worgen people into the spotlight. Known as arrogant and willful, Genn is filled with a bestial fury that his Worgen nature only intensified and has often been less than totally loyal to his allegiance to the Alliance.

Despite this, Genn has always had the best interests of his people at heart, even in his worst moments. With the loss of his son and nation to Sylvanas and her Undead legions, Genn is a changed man. While he now realizes the importance of his allies, he now opposes the Horde more vehemently than ever before. Genn and his people will do whatever they can to reclaim their homeland and they eagerly await the day they can drive out the Forsaken. A showdown between Genn and Sylvanas seems almost inevitable.


Khadgar has played a big part in Warlords of Draenor and it seems he will continue to play a significant role in Legion. One of the most powerful wizards that has ever lived; Khadgar has often had a hand in world events. Despite his power, he was to stop Gul’dan from opening the Tomb of Sargeras and the Burning Legion is now flooding into Azeroth.

Now this formidable magic user is prepared to do whatever it takes to stop the tide of darkness from covering our world. However, with the Horde and Alliance more mistrustful of each other than ever before, they may choose to risk destruction rather than work together. Pulling together the needed forces to combat the Burning Legion may prove to be an impossible task; even for one as formidable as Khadgar.


Formly an Orcish Shaman of the Shadowmoon Clan; we got up close and personal with Gul’dan in Warlords of Draenor. This scheming Orc attempted to enslave the rest of his race to the demons of the Burning Legion. While his plans ultimately failed, Gul’dan was far from undone. As the heroes of the Horde and Alliance defeated his forces, Gul’dan escaped through the Dark Portal.

Now the Warlock has unleashed hell upon Azeroth. Having opened a portal that has allowed for a giant invasion of the Burning Legion; Gul’dan has set his sights on the destruction of our world. To ever achieve the peace we seek, it is likely that this foe will need to be defeated once and for all.

Xavius, The Nightmare Lord

For those not familiar with Xavius, he was once a powerful user of magic and the high councilor to Queen Azshara during the War of the Ancients. Long considered to be the reason for the Burning Legion’s interest in Azeroth; Xavius lost favor with Sargeras and as punishment was turned into a satyr. With this new form Xavius terrorized the world with an affliction that almost obliterated the walls between reality and the Emerald Dream.

Of course, his plans were thwarted, however, he was not destroyed. Now Xavius is back with a vengeance. Determined to prove his worth he leads the conquest of Val’sharah where the tainted world tree Shaladrassil spreads the Emerald Nightmare’s corruption. This satyrs success could lead to the Burning Legion’s triumph and the eventual destruction of our world.

Sylvanas Windrunner

Who doesn’t love Sylvanas? Once a Blood Elf, now the leader of the Forsaken; Sylvanas loyalties have always seemed to lie with herself first and the Horde second. While Sylvanas was largely missing in Warlords of Draenor, that is set to change. In Legion the Dark Lady will play a vital role in the events that will transpire upon our world.

With enemies on all sides, the fate of Sylvanas is uncertain. With eternal damnation the consequence for failure, the stakes are high for this character in Legion. In this expansion Sylvanas will have to make some difficult decisions, including how far she is willing to go to protect her own people.

Illidan Stormrage

Captured in the Black Temple in the Burning Crusade expansion, Illidan Stormrage was supposedly struck down by Maiev Shadowsong. Despite his seeming misdeeds, Illidan has always been a fan favorite and many of us have longed for his return. Now in Legion we will be seeing this beloved character again.

With the Burning Legion on our doorstep, the peoples of Azeroth need all the help they can get. Despite his potential wrath, we will seek out Illidan (who has been restored to life) and beg for his assistance against the dark tide that threatens to overwhelm us. However, who Illidan will ultimately choose to serve and what the consequences will be for his entrapment remain to be seen.

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Building the Best Squad in XCOM 2


XCOM 2 brings a whole new level of customization that allows you to fine tune your soldiers to fit your playstyle, and counter the enemy’s sinister attacks and abilities. While much of the equipment and gear will take time and resources to develop and produce, the edge it will give your soldiers on the field of battle is well worth it, especially when you start facing the tougher aliens later in the story.

Much of how you customize your squad will depend on who you like to roll with and what your play style is, but there are some combinations of gear and class that you should definitely take a look at. Here are our suggestions.


The deadly ranger specializes in getting up close and personal with enemies before unleashing a devastating shotgun blast or sword strike. They should always be equipped with your heartiest armor. Agility and ammo also play an important role when you’re right in an alien’s face.

  • Agility P.C.S.
  • Extended Ammo Clip or auto loader
  • Sights to max out their shotgun accuracy
  • Mind Protection Device since they’ll usually be the closest to the bad guys, or under armor (hell weave etc.) if you have a high will rating


Usually located at the back of the pack, you’ll want to make sure your sniper has a good scope equipped to maximize criticals and hit chance. There are other aim increasing items that you should equip, but aren’t necessary if you’ve maxed it out.

  • The best scope you have
  • P.C.S. increase to the aim stat
  • Armor Piercing ammunition
  • Mimic Beacon can be useful if you get flanked


The master of disaster, the Grenadier can benefit from pretty much any modifications you give him. For starters, you should outfit him with the best explosives on hand. They can also shred armor extremely well, so grab some accuracy boosting items to make sure that massive mini gun stays on target.

  • Auto Loader or Extended magazine
  • Best grenades you have researched
  • Armor Piercing rounds to chew up armor even more effectively
  • Health boosting P.C.S. and armor

PSI Operative

Of course your best piece of gear here is the PSI Amp, and because most of the PSI Operatives offensive power comes from that space magic, you can save on gun modifications if you’re running low. Build them to fill in your squad’s weakness, or to carry items you seldom use, but appreciate when you have them like the Mimic Beacon or Smoke/ Flash grenades.

  • Flash/Smoke Grenades
  • Health P.C.S. or Mobility
  • Medkit
  • Repeater for gun (just in case you get lucky)


The specialist already has a large bag of tools at their disposal, but you can make them even more effective with the right equipment. They are usually right in the fray with the squad, so some health bonuses are always useful, as are agility perks. Like the PSI Operative, their weapon damage isn’t the greatest, so build them to support your other units.

  • Movement or Health P.C.S.
  • Medkit (if playing as a medic)
  • Grenades (smoke, flash, explosive)
  • Battlescanner to get the lay of the land
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Large Destiny Expansion Planned for 2016


Finally a little good news on the Destiny from, it looks like we'll be getting a major expansion sometime in 2016. There have been rumblings about a possible expansion this year, but it was never confirmed until it was mentioned in the latest Activision earnings call.

Activision Publishing, along with its partners at Bungie, expects to bring a large new expansion to Destiny in 2016 and to release a full game sequel in 2017

The game has had a dark cloud hovering over it the last several months, mostly due to the lack of new content and news on when it could be coming. Previously we were lead to believe that there would be no new expansions in 2016, and that our new content would come in the form of regular small scale events like this weeks Crimson Days.

Whether we were intentionally mislead in order to make it a surprise, or the expansion was reinstated to quell the angry guardian masses who want more, doesn't matter. This game is in dire need of something to do, as player counts drop and the mood gets even more ugly.

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Overwatch: Is It Worth Buying?


I’ve debated whether to buy Overwatch for some time. Rarely have I failed to buy a Blizzard title but I’ve held out for this long because pre-purchasing Overwatch is no guarantee of access to its beta. Having finally gained access to the game yesterday, the first thing I was asked by several friends was whether or not the game is worth the money. For anyone already head over heels for Overwatch, this article likely won’t help you. For anyone on the fence however, or currently saving to purchase the game, maybe it will. With that in mind, here’s my five pro’s and con’s for the game.  


It’s Gorgeous

There’s no mistaking that Overwatch is a beautiful game. Heroes are wonderfully realized and the maps that you play in are at times absolutely gorgeous. Clean lines, bright colors and an almost cell shaded look make the game really stand out. As always Blizzard have readily applied their own artstyle and I suspect, like most things they craft, Overwatch will age well.

Heroes Are Undoubtedly Fun

Whether it’s leaping around as a giant gorilla carrying a tesla cannon, or scaling walls to fire ricocheting arrows over your enemies, every Hero in Overwatch is unquestionably fun. As someone who tends to enjoy support Heroes, there’s also plenty on offer here if you want to do something other than baby-sit a tank as a healbot.

Torbjorn might not be original, but he's tons of fun to play

There’s A Continuously Evolving Meta

The fact that you can change Heroes on the fly, as long as you’re in your spawn point, means that there’s an ever changing meta throughout the game. As your enemy team adapts to your Hero choices, it’s important that you adapt to them. This constant game of count and mouse is incredibly interesting and gives Overwatch a huge amount of depth because it allows you and your team the opportunity to counter your opposition.

Matches Are Quick

Most matches in Overwatch tend to last around 10 or so minutes and I’ve only had a handful that lasted a little longer (mainly when the enemy team dug deep and bunkered down hard). If you’re pressed for time and just want to jump on for a quick play session, it’s absolutely possible. Unlike DOTA 2 or League of Legends where matches can last up to an hour, there’s no such time constraints here.

It’s Polished. Really Polished

Like all things Blizzard, Overwatch is an incredibly polished game. Whether it’s the finish on individual Heroes and the attention to detail on their costumes or the user interface and the new reward system, it’s leagues ahead of the competition. Even the options menu has a raft of customisation you rarely see any more and it’s a welcome change for an industry that often overlooks the small things.


It’s Surprisingly Slow Paced

The lack of a sprint, relatively slow movement speed for all but a few Heroes and game modes that involve remaining in one place or escorting a slow moving object make Overwatch feel slow paced. In comparison to Dirty Bomb or Gigantic it’s practically pedestrian at times, when it comes to speed of play. This'll likely suit many coming from Team Fortress 2 but for anyone who has spent time with much faster games, it takes a while to get used to.

Lucio is one of few Heroes who actually has some mobility

It Suffers Peaks And Troughs

Unless your team specifically chooses a Hero capable of quickly moving you and your team to the front line (Symmetra or Lucio) the travel time after death is punishing, especially if you’re still on the furthest control point. The result is lengthy periods of down time between death, respawn and travel. It certainly emphasises the need not to die, but boy is it boring on the run back.

Hero Stacking Isn’t For Everyone

My first match in Overwatch saw four of my team stack two of the same Hero. We lost miserably and none of them were willing to switch to a tank or healer and instead chose to stay on Reaper and Widowmaker (surprise, surprise). For some in Overwatch this is a huge negative and should never have been implemented. For others, it’s an important part of the games meta and many teams who do it , can be easily punished. Although I’ve placed this in con’s, it’s here not because I think it’s negative but because it’s a hotly discussed topic that will likely displease some players.

Current Game Modes Are Tried And Tested

There’s no original game mode in Overwatch and those that are here have been present in other games for a long time. Payload, Point Capture, Control and Hybrid (a mix of the two) are game modes I’ve played to death. Like many I was hoping for something new and unique to Overwatch, even something that was objective based that opened up different routes through a map (something akin to Brink or Dirty Bomb). Each mode might be fun, but they don’t exactly get the blood pumping.

Impact Lacks Punch

Considering Overwatch revolves entirely around shooting, there’s work needed in order to make weapons feel punchy. If it wasn’t for a UI indicator that you struck an enemy (their health bar depletes above their head) you’d have no knowledge that you had. With low hit sounds and most weapons lacking oomph on impact, it often makes you feel that you’re not hitting anything when in fact you are. Sexing up the sounds and adding greater audio to the ambience of a map - including some much needed music - would do wonders for the game.

Final Thoughts

Unquestionably fun, Overwatch is arriving to a market that’s soon to be very saturated with quality free to play competitive titles. Dirty Bomb, Gigantic, Paladins, Battleborn and Paragon are all vying for your attention. Most of these offer all that Overwatch does and also come with a dose of originality. No one can deny Overwatch has the Blizzard level of quality we’ve all come to expect, but the competition is fierce this year and for $40 (or $60 on console) it’s not particularly cheap. Is it worth your money, though? From my perspective, it’s a little on the expensive side (£44.99 in the United Kingdom) and there’s very little here that has truly blown me away. It’s a great game and tons of fun with friends but it’s also been done to death - Team Fortress 2 has been doing exactly this for more than ten years. If you’ve a spare $40 bucks however, it’ll provide you with plenty of entertainment. 

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Albion Online: Precise Closed Beta Starting Times Revealed & Reddit AMA

With only a few days left until the commencement of the Albion Online closed beta event, the team is unleashing start times for players of various founder levels and have additionally announced a Reddit AMA that will take place in about an hour.

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Das Tal: Player Feedback Integral to Forthcoming Alterations

The Das Tal team has taken to its official site to discuss with players the importance of their feedback both during the 24/7 test event and in the subsequent days. Taking the community input into consideration, the blog is packed with things the developers will be working on in the next weeks and months.

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General: Pangaea - Post Apocalyptic Survival MMO Introduced

LVR Studios has sent word that a new multi-platform post-apocalyptic survival MMO is in the works. Pangaea is in the works for PC, Mac, PlayStation 4 and XBox One. Pangaea is targeting a late 2016 release and is featured as one of the promising titles for the upcoming year on Steam Greenlight.

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Blade & Soul: Ready to Hit the Ground Running On January 19th

NCSoft has announced that Blade & Soul will officially launch in North America and Europe on January 19, 2016 at 9:00 pm Pacific / 12:00 am Eastern. Name reservation will begin on January 11th for those who purchase Disciple and Master packs with a Founder's Pack early access event slated to begin on January 15th.

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Armored Warfare: Tier 9 Tanks Rumble In

Obsidian Entertainment and have announced that players will be able to get a first hand look at the new Tier 9 tanks, the most powerful vehicles in the game. Players will also be able to take advantage of a new feature that allows them to make custom matches and much more.

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