What change(s) would make your current MMO the perfect game?

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Slender Man tribute in Ultima Online

We thought the Slender Man game is so awesome we decided to try and emulate it on our freeshard for Ultima Online. It's still work in progress, but I'm really looking forward to see how cool it's going to be. Plus, we had to change some mechanics, because, well it's UO. But, it's essentially the same thing.

What we've done so far:

  • A nice little UO representation of the actual Slender Man game map (Apologies for the vid, I had a cold. lol)

  • Two drafts of the game engine, one using a combination of C# and XML and the other pure XML. One being a fallback for the other, but thankfully it appears to be shaping up rather nicely.

  • Ambient effects (Background wind noises, a spooky heart-beat that increases as time decreases, thunder, and other miscellaneous noises.)

  • Time-limited torches that can be blown from your hand, forcing you to pick it up in the darkness.

  • And, of course, Slenderman.

Anyway, this is project that I'm quite pleased with. Just felt like sharing. :)

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Any recommendations on an mmo? I have some specific criteria and I can't seem to find anything that suits me.

TLDR: Looking for newish mmo to play with about 5 others, don't want to have to interact with other players unless it's because I'm killing them. Not super grindy either please.

Not Too Long; Did Read:

Me and my friends have started looking into mmo's to dump some time into. We tend to play games online together for a couple hours most night. What I'm looking for in particular is a type of game that:

  • Can complete end game content with few people. 5 preferably, 20 max or so. No offense, I know mmo's are about the social aspect but I don't really like meeting random people anymore, I don't like the idea of joining a guild of 100 people just to get good equipment. My schedule doesn't allow me to play often, I just want to play with a few friends who have similiar schedules as me and succeed at both pvp and pve.

  • Not a massive grindfest. Grinding is fine, it's a core thing I get it. I just don't want to have to spend a month just to get to the cap level, let alone gathering gear and money.

  • Not required but I'd like it to be a newer mmo, one that's not saturated with thousands of max level players who've been playing for a couple years, know everything inside out. I want to be able to get into pvp with doing only a little bit of research, and most things still be experimental, maybe some things people haven't tried before, etc.

I doubt any of us would do a subscription game, but we'd probably pay 20-40 up front if needed, or just a f2p (as long as its not p2w obviously).

Maybe this doesn't exist. Maybe my first point eliminates all mmo's, but if there's one out there I'd love to try it.

Archeage is one we recently tried, and I really liked it. I liked the combos (I haven't played an mmo since burning crusade for WoW so there's tons of new stuff I've never seen in mmos before). I like the 3 class system, I like crafting and upgrading and all that. I like open world pvp, running around finding 3 guys just farming and jumping down and ambushing them. I like raids. I just want to be able to do it all with only 5 or so people. Archeage seems very grindy and the end game seems like its all about getting as many people into a guild as possible to get anything decent. I haven't played too far into it, we've only played until about level 25 each, but it's very slow, lots of typical kill x gather y go to z stuff, which is fine I suppose but if the end game sucks it will have been a huge waste of time. I like the idea of committing crimes and being pirates/vigilantes as well though.

Sorry for the long post.

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World of Warplanes rolls out MiGs in update 1.6

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Ready to fly some of the most iconic Soviet airplanes in history? World of Warplanes update 1.6 introduces the Soviety MiG line at Tier V and above, allowing players to take the controls of these historic crafts and use them in mid-air dogfights with other planes. There are also five new premium aircraft available in the game, offering another way to take to the skies with this patch.

Aside from new vehicles, the patch also adds in a new multirole classification, placing some planes between fighters and heavy fighters. The net effect is creating planes that can use a more varied loadout and switch roles in battle more effectively. Map boundaries for the El Halluf location have also been extended, giving the update plenty of features for players to enjoy.

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Anyone want to start this MMO with me? NexusTK

A recent post got me wanting to play the game again. I have an old character but not sure I want to pay $30 to recover him so I was going to create a new one.

It's an older game but has a lot of community events, RP (if you're into that) , some questing, and does actually take some skill to play well at higher levels.

if you're interested, send me a PM and we can start a new character together.Thanks!

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[LF MMO] Anime/Cartoonish MMO

So ive been watching anime alot and because of it im itching to play a cartoonish MMO. Doesnt have to be specifically like animes like SAO or Log Horizon but just something anime-like.

  • Preferred Genres (Fantasy, Sci-Fi, etc.): Any

  • Pricing Model: F2P if its worth it I will dish out the cash

  • Eastern or Western: Eastern

  • Combat Type (action, turn-based, tab-target, ect.): Any

  • Game Type (Sandbox, Themepark, RPG, FPS, RTS, etc.): RPG but will settle for others

  • Casual/Hardcore: Either

  • Released or Upcoming: Released

  • Games Played: (Ive played alot but it was a LONG time ago so im keeping this empty. Maybe things have changed. WoW is the only exception to this list. Ive played it but once I hit cap I got bored with it. I know an expansion is coming out but im not getting it anytime soon.)

  • Any preferred features or mechanics?: Gameplay features none really. Mainly just a game that has a high community count

My main requirements are cartoonish/anime style with a high population where I can talk to people if I want to start a conversation rather than just playing on my own in a barren MMO.

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Betawatch: October 18 - 24, 2014

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Camelot Unchained ran a pre-alpha test for backers this past weekend, allowing players to test out character creation and PvP. What else is new in the realm of MMO testing?
  • Justin test-drove Lord of the Ring's Online's in-testing Beorning race/class.
  • Trove has a fully open, no-wipe, everyone-welcome beta test running this weekend.
  • World of Warcraft previewed the creatures of Gorgrond, a zone in the upcoming Warlords of Draenor.
  • The Repopulation discussed its plans for healers and combat medics.
  • Shroud of the Avatar's Release 11 preps players for its Steam debut.
  • MJ pondered what "beta" means for Landmark and what backers' obligations to the game really are.
  • Life is Feudal sold 100,000 copies of its survival MMO in its first month on Steam early access.
  • EverQuest Next devs discussed playable Ogres and Dwarves.
  • Goblinworks defended the FFA PvP design of Pathfinder Online, currently in alpha.
Read on for our complete Betawatch roundup.

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    The Stream Team: Dungeoning in Swordsman

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    According to Perfect World, the real meat of Swordsman is to be found in its dungeon content (and its PvP). Join Massively's Mike Foster tonight as he continues his Choose My Adventure exploration of Swordsman by queuing up for some mid-level instances and seeing where his whips take him. The action starts at 7:00 p.m. EDT -- assuming, of course, that the instance gods show Mike some pity and give him a group.

    Game: Swordsman
    Host: Mike Foster
    Date: Friday, October 24th
    Time: 7:00 p.m. EDT

    Enjoy our Stream Team video below.

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      RIFT performs extensive rollback following hardware outage

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      Denizens of one of RIFT's more populated servers are experiencing the raw end of a 23-hour rollback following hardware issues. Trion Worlds Executive Producer Bill Fisher announced that a hardware outage hit three servers early this morning, with one of them -- Faeblight -- lacking a recent data save point and requiring a one-day rollback.

      "This is a significant loss for players on this shard and we fully understand that," Fisher said. "We are currently in the process of identifying and refunding RIFT Store purchases for users from Faeblight, as well as tracking down any Instant Sixty potions that were granted on this shard. This process may take several hours but we will ensure that any credits spent during this time are returned."

      Fisher said that the studio is giving bonuses to the affected servers and is contemplating more compensation. Trion also implemented a hotfix that is giving a false error to players, stating that the update requires a full re-download. The actual patch is much smaller than that.

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      EVE Online loosens restrictions on trial accounts

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      In an effort to draw in more prospective pilots, EVE Online is removing and reducing some of the current restrictions for its trial accounts once the Phoebe update hits on November 4th.

      Come the update, trial accounts will be able to send and receive ISK without limits, can post in trade chat channels, participate in incursions, and can apply to up to five corporations at a time. While many restrictions on skills will be lifted, those remaining will be easier to identify thanks to a clearer interface.

      "The goal of these changes is to open up the game to new players so they can explore a greater variety of the content available in EVE," the team reasoned. "We believe getting new players invested in the game early on will keep them playing longer than if we throw all the good stuff behind a subscriber wall."

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      ArcheAge: Launch is Coming, At Long Last

      ArcheAge is not exactly unknown around these parts, but to much of the larger gaming world XLGAMES' and Trion's ArcheAge still has a lot to prove. And the time has finally come to do so. We met up with the team at PAX Prime in Seattle to discuss the forthcoming launch of the long-awaited sandbox MMORPG.

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      PlanetSide 2: New Aircraft - The Valkyrie

      This week Sony Online Entertainment announced plans to release Planetside 2's first new vehicle - fast attack gunship, the Valkyrie. The Valkyrie has a front-facing turret and can transport up to six soldiers (pilot, forward gunner and four passengers).

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      General: Omerta Launches Version 4.8

      Free-to-play Mafia MMO Omerta recently saw the Kurosawa family take control of the streets, much to the surprise of all the other competing families. After a status-shattering war that wiped out six families and thousands of players, the dust is settling and the remaining mafiosi are wondering what happens next.

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      Runescape: Tens of Millions of Dormant Account Names Made Available

      Sixty-six million account names have been gathering dust for god-knows-how-long, but at finally, Runescape is making them available again. Twenty percent of these names will be ready for use this week; for the first 24 hours after the release, players wanting to change their names will have fulfill a 1000 level minimum requirement.

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      Royal Quest: Review in Progress #1

      Confident in their ability to pull off an RPG, Katauri Interactive has upped the stakes this year by expanding its single-player concepts into an online multiplayer game. The result is Royal Quest, an MMO that presents itself as a more casual, holistic kind of MMO with accessible controls and simple quest construction, then abruptly becomes something more hardcore.

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      More Expensive Blizzard Store Mounts = More Prestige? | Ten Ton Hammer

      Some WoW players are demanding higher priced mounts in the hopes of garnering them in-game prestige. However, there are some things money can't buy.

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      Stalker DPS Build Guide | Ten Ton Hammer

      In this guide we provide you with a breakdown on how to maximise your Stalker DPS through skills, AMPs, Tiers and rotations.

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      Top 5 Should-Be World of Warcraft Classes | Ten Ton Hammer

      Five classes that would be excellent additions to World of Warcraft.

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      Warrior Class Guide | Ten Ton Hammer

      In this guide we provide you with all you need to know about the Warrior.

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      Exclusive Interview with Star Citizen’s New Director of Persistent Universe | Ten Ton Hammer

      While the new Dogfight Module for Star Citizen is what most folks are talking about, there's been a recent addition to the team worth mentioning. Tony Zurovec, developer and producer of the legendary Crusader series of games and another Origin alum, has been brought on as the new Director of Persistent Universe.

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