I know people have hate for it but cabal 2 endgame looks fun

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Have Any Former AH Tycoons Tried Applying Said Skills to the Real World? Were You successful?

A lot of MMORPG players enjoy "playing the auction house". This generally involves buying items, and relisting them for higher prices than originally paid for. This generally works when a seller is impatient and undercuts too much, when the game has buy/sell orders(such as GW2), or when a particular asset is quite volatile. AH tycoons help stabilize in game economies by helping create an equilibrium of prices. The only time it creates problems is if someone buys out an entire supply of an item, and gouges prices.

The best AH barons maintain a spreadsheet or even a database of information, and use the recorded information to ensure they're making a profit.

On Ebay, or other ecommerce sites such as Amazon, many have shared success stories in the real world, through purchasing items, and relisting for more. This may include repairing said items or salvaging them for parts(much like you might salvage gear in an MMO), or simply catching someone who listed something for far less than it's worth, and relisting.

For example, one could make money by purchase a decommissioned phone for next to nothing, salvaging the parts, and selling them individually for far more than you paid for the device itself. This works because often times repair technicians need just 1 part to fix something, but can't purchase it from a official manufacturer.

Has anyone, through their experience messing with virtual items, attempted to use these techniques in the real world? How did it go?

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TenTonHammer Talks!

Gaming Tech
Age Restriction: 

Hello TenTonHammerites!

We're excited to share another dose of gaming insight via our livestream talkshow, featuring two TenTonHammer authors you should know well by now!

Alexander "Veluux" Wall and Jeremy "Justice" Waxman continue to bring the heat with regular content and occasional guest appearances by fellow TenTon Staffers, and variety of other guests that include: Game Developers, Twitch Celebrities, Professional Gamers, and potentially even you !

Get In the Know

If you've never had the opportunity to find out what this show is all about, go watch and watch our first show: Episode One - Welcome to the Show (7/17/2015). During that first installment, Alex and Jeremy spend time introducing themselves and exactly what TenTonHammer Talks! is all about. Barring death, injury, or other impairments, this show will air regularly at 3PM Eastern for about an hour.

We'd love to have you along for the ride, engaging in the conversation live via Twitch chat where you can submit questions and topics for us to discuss.

Come and join us today for episode ten!

Episode #10- Surveying a Crowded Room

For episode ten, Jeremy and Alex discuss the recent explosion of gaming over the past few years, the innovations in technology, and the continued expansion of all our favorite genres. We talk about how these developments have forever changed the way games are being developed and what that means for the future game market. We'll even debate which genres are over-crowded and which games will sink or swim!

As always, if you can't watch this episode live, be sure check out the replays below that we've done.

Episode Archive

Episode #1: Welcome to the Show

Episode #2: Face of the Franchise

Episode #3: Entitled to an Opinion

Episode #4: Forget About the Fun (feat. developer guest Adam "Snipehunter" Maxwell from Illfonic's Revival)

Episode #5: Leveling the Playfield

Episode #6: Opening the Gates (feat. guest Reese "Neurotoxin" Holland from Who's Gaming Now?)

Episode #7: Competitive Gaming - Transformed

Episode #8: The Future is Live

Episode #9: The Impact of Character

We will also be porting all of our TenTonHammer Talks archive videos over to our YouTube Channel - so if you can't make the show live, you can still find the replays there and in our Twitch channel archivesBe sure to check out our inaugural first episode where we introduce ourselves, what our show is all about, and what our plans are for the immediate future.

Join Us Live!

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In the Warrior mood (LF MMO)

So I took a long break from WoW and have been playing LoL for a few months.

I'm getting the MMO itch again except I'm really feeling like playing a sword wielding, plate wearing badass to PvP with!

Games I've played: WoW, GW2, EoS, ESO, FFXIV, Rift, Aion, The Secret World, Tera, a few 2d side scrollers.

All I want is some good pvp (preferably rewarding pvp as in competitive and or rewards) And decent graphics.

I know there are 100 threads a day like this but I really just want to smash some people with a giant sword or axe online!

Thanks in advance

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18+ MMORPG AZERA New Character Prophet Revealed

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A look at Revival, an upcoming Dark Fantasy Openworld Full Loot PvP MMORPG with skill based combat...thoughts?

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Don't Count on Patron Warrior Nerfs Coming Any Time Soon

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

On any given day, a casual browsing of the Hearthstone subreddit will often immediately result in at least one or two threads either complaining about, or defending, the power of the Grim Patron Warrior deck. Despite the fact that it's overall win rate in both ladder and tournament play is actually pretty reasonable, there never seems to be a shortage of discussion on whether or not the deck needs a nerf (I even weighed in on the topic!)

It seems almost certain that no changes will be made before BlizzCon, and even then, it would be unwise to count on any nerfs. In a Japanese interview with 4Gamer, Blizzard developer commented on the actual and perceived power level of Patron Warrior. Below is a translation of his comment, provided by Reddit user suejak (who identifies themselves as the owner and operator of a translation company):

I don't think that the Patron Warrior deck is as powerful as players believe it to be. The deck is exceedingly popular, but a deck's strength is not always proportional to its popularity. It's also often used in tournaments, so I think that people who watch tournaments might come away with a sense that the deck is very powerful.

At any rate, we certainly find community opinion about Patron Warrior to be very important, and we will continue to keep a close eye on the deck as we decide what to do in the future.

Based on this comment, we can see that Blizzard is still keeping an eye on the deck, and has not ruled out any changes. However, it's clear they're hesitant to take action, and it seems the deck's win rate would likely need to spike up before they truly feel something needs to be done about it.

So, be prepared to continue to play against Patron Warrior, or at least continue to watch it in tournament play.

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Microsoft's taking HoloLens on tour to woo developers

Microsoft has already said its mixed reality headset, HoloLens, will be reaching developers early next year. But while we wait for that to happen, the company plans to take it on tour across the US and Canada, in an event that's going to give devel...
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SK Gaming's League of Legends Squad Could Be About to Collapse

League of Legends

SK Gaming's League of Legends team has fallen on some hard times, most recently being booted out of the European League Championship Series after losing to Gamers2 in the promotion tournament. Now, there are questions surrounding whether the organization will even continue to field a LoL squad.

Back in July, we reported that the players were extremely unhappy with the SK organization, particularly after support player Christoph "nRated" Seitz was replaced on the roster. According to The Daily Dot, sources close to both Jungler Dennis “Svenskeren” Johnsen and mid laner Hampus “Fox” Myhre state that both players intend to leave the team after their contracts expire on November 15th. There is talk that top laner Simon “fredy112” Payne might simply choose to retire altogether, and there has been no real word on what AD Carry Adrian “CandyPanda” Wübbelman plans to do.

Reportedly, there was also unrest in the players' camp regarding their compensation. On top of the salary provided by Riot Games, SK Gaming paid their players €600 a month, which is one of the lowest salaries offered by EU LCS teams. The team had asked owner Alex Müller about receiving raises, but they were told the organization could not afford to pay them more than what they were already receiving.

With at least 4 out of the 5 SK players appearing to be ready to move on from the team, the future of this squad is certainly murky. Now, we'll just have to wait for an announcement from the organization regarding what comes next.

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Volkswagen may give money to owners of emissions-cheating cars

If you're an owner of one of the 11 million owners of a Volkswagen car that's part of the company's huge emissions cheating scandal, you might be getting some compensation for the car's lost value. As reported by ABC News, Volkswagen US CEO Michael...
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Reuters: Uber hacking investigation is targeting a Lyft exec

There is very little love lost between car-platform rivals Lyft and Uber. Nowhere is that more apparent than in a Reuters' article about anonymous sources pointing fingers at Lyft's technology chief Chris Lambert as the probable cause of an Uber ha...
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HBO Go launching as a standalone streaming service in Latin America

HBO's Go on-demand streaming service is set to launch in Latin America and the Caribbean as a standalone subscription product, the network revealed today. While HBO Go has been available in these areas for pay-TV subscribers, cord-cutters will soon...
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EVE Vegas Schedule Now Out

EVE Online

The tentative schedule for EVE Online's Vegas event is now posted and tickets are quickly selling out, I believe there is now 25 or so left according to the post. The schedule includes the infamous Pub Crawl, various panels, and other interesting tidbits:

While this programme is still subject to change, we're excited to bring you a lot of new information regarding what you can expect in EVE Online throughout Winter 2015 and Spring 2016!

If you haven't already gotten hold of your EVE Vegas 2015 ticket, be sure to do so soon! We're selling out fast, with less than 25 tickets remaining before sales close!

Some of the more notable panels is one involving NASA's JPL, which is like you know real dudes who build real ships, and a few things about the upcoming EVE Valkyrie. EVE Vegas is a way for fans who don't want to travel abroad to get some time with the game developers and hang out with fellow friends (and enemies).

EVE Vegas is the 23rd until 25th in, well, Las Vegas at Planet Hollywood. You can check out the schedule here, with links for tickets if interested.

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Instead of dislike, Facebook is testing 'Reactions' animated emoji

Last night Engadget brought you a sneak peek at Facebook's new "Reactions" feature, and today the social network confirmed it's now in testing. Instead of the often-requested "dislike" to counter the existing Like button, founder Mark Zuckerberg ex...
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Hearthstone Top Decks of the Week

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

Each week, we'll be bringing you the top performing decks from the most recent top level Hearthstone tournaments and some of the world's best players. This week, we'll be taking a look at the decks played at the Abios Grand Tournament (with just a dash of the eSports Arena Invitational thrown in.) For the first time in quite a while, Patron Warrior is not sitting on top! However, this could very well just be because of how conscious players are of trying to counter it, so the argument could still be made that Patron is #1. It's still looking like (for the most part) Patron Warrior, and the decks that are expected to counter it, are what almost all of the pros are playing to keep their tournament hopes alive. If you want to know what the strongest deck types are right now, look no further!


1) Mid-range Druid

While the deck didn't change drastically after The Grand Tournament, the introduction of Darnassus Aspirant introduced another way to ramp up the mana, and improved the consistency of the deck's early game. This pairs well with the old classics of Innervate and Wild Growth, allowing the Druid player to quickly accelerate into the mid game. While the class suffers from not having any sort of board clears outside of Swipe, putting big minions such as Druid of the Claw or Ancient of Lore on the board earlier than usual can often swing things in Malfurion's favor. The game can often end just from that dominating board presence, but if not, the old combo of Force of Nature + Savage Roar will usually do the trick. Druid is usually seen as at least a somewhat favorable matchup against Patron Warrior and some aggro decks, making it continue to be a popular choice. In fact, it's seen as such a counter to the top decks that it's actually become the top deck, as the only class used by all of the players in the top 8. With that said, we're actually going to go to Xixo's list from the eSports Arena Invitational, due to its ingenuity with including Feugen and Stalagg:


2) Patron Warrior

Nothing really happened with TGT to change the deck much, though it has forced players to re-think their deck lists a little bit. A new tech card had briefly arisen in Shield Slam, though it seems many players still choose to leave it out of their lists. In its place, some had begun to include Harrison Jones, helping to deal with the both the mirror match, and the expected rise of Secret Paladin. However, with Secret Paladin very quickly losing steam on the tournament circuit, Harrison has already fallen off of most Patron lists, meaning that almost every Patron deck is now almost card-for-card the same. Make no mistake about it; despite its immense popularity, Patron Warrior is not simple to play. Particularly in a tournament environment against skilled opponents, the player definitely needs to be on top of their game. When they are, Grim PatronWarsong Commander and Frothing Berserker become some of the scariest cards in the game. This is a true combo deck, yet boasts a fair amount of removal with cards like WhirlwindCruel TaskmasterExecute, and the weapons able to remove threats (with some of those doubling as activators for the Patron and Berserker as well.) Here's what Kaldi used in the Abios Grand Tournament:


3) Secret Paladin

He's baaack! After being noticably absent from this list for the past couple weeks, Uther made a strong showing in the top 8 of the Abios Grand Tournament. Secret Paladin has been seen played as both an extremely aggressive deck with 1 drops like Secretkeeper and Argent Squire, and also as a more mid-range deck that makes room for bigger late-game threats such as Loatheb, Dr. Boom, and Tirion Fordring. Whichever variant it is, the deck focuses heavily on the extreme tempo swing afforded by Mysterious Challenger, putting up to five secrets from the deck immediately into play. If the Paladin player is even or ahead when that happens, that one play can be almost enough to seal the game right then and there. The deck can be prone to poor draws by finding secrets when it needs minions, but is still consistent enough that many top level players feel comfortable bringing it to tournaments. Let's take a look at the mid-range version played by RDU:



That wraps things up for this week, but we want to know your thoughts. What decks have you been having the most success with? What archetype is most likely to become the new flavor of the month? Tell us in the comments below!


Want to know how things compare to the meta of weeks past? Check out our previous top decks articles!

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Triad Wars: Exclusive Free Camo Outfit Giveaway! has been given special gift keys that will give players an exclusive "Camo Outfit" to wear in Triad Wars - the all new open world crime game! Get your free gift key now!

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General: UPDATED - New Ubi Game Called Farcry Primal

In a special YouTube live stream, Ubisoft is teasing its newest game. The stream began with what appears to be a petroglyph of a spear- and bow-wielding man that has evolved over the last two hours to find him surrounded by other figures with bows. How long the stream will last or what game is being announced will remain to be seen.

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The Crew: Start Your Engines! PC Closed Beta to Begin Next Week

Racing fans rejoice! Ubisoft has announced that the starting flag for the PC closed beta test will wave beginning on Thursday, October 15th and will run through Sunday, October 19th.

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EVE Online: CCP Seagull Details the Roadmap to Next Spring

CCP Seagull has taken to Youtube with a look at some of the most significant changes coming to EVE Online between now and Spring 2016. In addition to the overview CCP Seagull on YouTube, more details can be found on the EVE Online site that links up to developer blogs.

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Star Wars: The Old Republic: Core World Changes to Streamline Leveling Experience

The Star Wars: The Old Republic blog has been updated with a new look at how the 1-60 leveling experience will be streamlined once the Knights of the Fallen Empire expansion goes live later this month. Of particular note, a new Critical Path arc will guide players along the most important story and class quests on each planet and will be represented by a special color (purple) for both the map icon and in the quest tracker.

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