'Battleborn' gets a hefty $20 price cut through the weekend

Battleborn, the frenetic team-based shooter from Gearbox Software, has introduced a $20 price cut. What's more, a brand new character joined its ranks, all on the same day rival shooter Overwatch made its debut. Coincidence or genius marketing? It co...
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Is there another MMO with pvp as good as this?

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Republican budget proposal would gut net neutrality

It's no secret that the Republican Party hates net neutrality regulation, but it's now ready to raise the stakes. House GOP members have drafted a 2017 budget proposal that would neuter some of the FCC's bigger telecom initiatives, at least for a whi...
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[Discussion] The Degradation of Gaming

As someone who lurks on Reddit, I had only considered opening an account for the first time a couple of times, but I’ve finally done it and this is what I’ve got to say:

I play WoW and Dota 2, both popular games, the former a MMORPG. I also lurk on both of those respective subreddits and this one as well. The reason why I like this subreddit because it’s filled with a lot of people who are looking for something in gaming that will probably never exist again and that essence will ultimately become a niche if ever implanted into a game again (and this community needs to continuing existing).

I understand that a lot of us here miss the good old days of spending hours on an MMO doing a bunch of things and having access to those things, like being part of a story that’s not quite centered around you as play with thousands of others in a world together. We see that concept has slowly diminished over time with WoW.

WoW is one of those MMOs that is a perfect example of how the time period of ten years has changed gaming. Look at the recent ruckus over Nostalgia. There are a bunch of people who want to play that game, not the game that is WoW today. The games are the same; one has catered towards the newer generations of gamers and (at the same time) catered to the ones who have grown older and can’t afford to spend as much time raiding in front of a computer for hours and hours.

This brings me to the point of what many are complaining about on WoW’s forums, about how they miss the good old days and how raiding has become so much easier.

It is no longer about raiding, but what you can get out of it. Mounts, transmogs, and battle pets have molded the game into what it is today. Everyone’s so annoyed at the game’s direction, but guess what Blizzard does to hide that? They implement this philosophy where people no longer play the game for the game, but for what they can get from it. This was always the case, but it was more about what gear you can get and how you can progress. A full set of gear ready for raiding/PvP nowadays is obtained after farming in Ashran for a couple of hours. Now you have people who are obsessed, like a Farmville type of game, or some Chinese pay-to-win mobile game, where they obsess over these little pets, mounts and transmogs.

Everyone wants change, but nobody wants to go away from the obsessive attitude of collecting these things that are essentially useless. Now old raids are basically turned into farms for people to spend hours getting a mount that does nothing but be a cosmetic towards others to say, “look, I spent X amount of time in this game.” And you can go look on the forums. People spend days and weeks farming for a mount that drops at a very minor drop rate. People will spend a hundred dollars on a mount, or a toy.

This has to do with this new generation of gaming. Look at Dota 2. Valve implemented a new challenge on one of their cash grab mechanics which is to cut twenty-billion trees in game. This would take about a year on the average time elapsed so far. You know what they did?

They implemented a minigame where you click on trees while you wait for a game. I would be outraged. I’m against the thing entirely because the challenge is stupid. Why would anyone click on stuff (like a dumb mobile game) for some minor benefit? Guess what? This generation of gaming will. Go on /r/dota2. They’ve invented an entity to mask what they’re doing as not stupid. They’ve labeled themselves as “CUT Enterprise” or something really innocent, but in reality, that is them telling Valve, “look, we’ll find a way to keep ourselves entertained with the mindless clicking you’ve given us and turn it into debauchery.”

I don’t think if you tell anyone this that they’ll accept that. That’s humanity being fickle, and better yet, this new crop of gaming (where the demographic of /r/dota2 sounds much younger than /r/WoW, judging by all of the Twitch chat memes in the former) will never know that gaming was much better before its’ time.

Anyway, I’ve gone off some rant, but I hope there will be someone that can comment. This isn’t necessarily a bash on the new direction of multiplayer gaming, but more of a critique.

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Uber is using Foursquare location data to help pick you up

If you've used ridesharing often enough, you've probably run into problems getting the driver to pick you up at just the right spot. Ever play a frantic game of phone tag as the driver circles the block looking for you? Mercifully, that might not be...
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Housing similar to Ultima Online?

Hi! Sorry for a second post - but does anyone know of an mmorpg with non-instanced housing? I loved the customizable days of Ultima Online. Thanks!

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Periscope broadcasts are now permanently saved by default

Earlier this month, Twitter's live-streaming app Periscope began testing saving broadcasts for more than 24 hours. During that beta phase, you had to include #save to trigger the feature. Permanent saves are now available for everyone by default, and...
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[Discussion] Everything we know about Final Fantasy XI Reboot

This is a thread on /r/ffxi I have built up over the last year since Square Enix announced the project. I just released a new thread on it after some new information came out last month and wanted to cover it here. Article sources are listed in the original thread.

Q: What is FFXI Mobile (or "FFXI Reboot" as it's currently labeled)?

A: FFXI is coming to mobile (Android, iOS) around 2016. To quote SE (Square Enix):

A Native App Project Providing A Full-Fledged FINAL FANTASY XI Experience on the Mobile Platform

Q: What regions will FFXI Mobile be available in?

A: Japan, Korea, North America, Europe and rest of Asia. Quote SE:

We plan to extend service to Japan, Korea, and North America, as well as Europe and the rest of Asia

Q: Who is developing/publishing it?

A: Square Enix (FFXI dev team) and NEXON, Co., Ltd; SE will still be involved, quote SE:

Basically, they [FFXI dev team] will take part in ways that make the game "FFXI-like" such as planning, how the game works, lore, and editorial supervision.

Q: Is using the same game engine or something different?

A: A different engine; it is being developed in Unreal Engine 4.

Q: Any details about the networking code?

A: At Nexon Developers Conference 2016, they went into detail:

Typically, a lot of developers use a HTTP Enivronment to power a mobile title, but with this there is a struggle to display the player's movements and and changes on the field in real-time. To solve this, they are using a combination of Web servers and TCP servers, in order to reproduce the environments to match the PC version of the title in the mobile terminal. (translated by /u/RablaAndrews)

Q: Is this the same thing as Final Fantasy Grandmasters?

A: No. While Final Fantasy Grandmasters takes place in Vana'diel, it is a different game and is not FFXI nor FFXI Mobile. Grandmasters is a spin-off currently available in Japan on smartphones (see /r/ffgm).

Q: Will FFXI Mobile share servers or existing characters with the Windows version?

A: Unknown. A relevant note, according to these quotes from SE:

it will not involve directly transferring your character data over, so it’s best to think that a new, separate account and character will be used to play [...]

Currently, I’m unable to say anything definitive, but as a game, it will be something completely new.

Q: Will it be free to play?

A: Unknown. Quotes from SE:

We would like to have as many people play as possible, so we believe it will be a system that will allow players to participate with ease. You could say that it depends on the business environment at the time of launch. For example, when considering that a method of payment is unimaginable at the stage we're currently at might be proposed, it is not possible to make a conclusive decision.

Unfortunately, it’s still too early to comment on this matter. But, we will consider methods that would make it easier for players to join and continue to play.

Q: Will this launch with all the FFXI expansions?

A: Not at the start, no. Quote SE:

There will definitely be restrictions on content and jobs at the start, such as only implementing up to Chains of Promathia.

Q: Does this mean the game will launch with CoP era?

A: Unknown. SE says details aren't concrete yet. It's unknown if level cap will be below 99 at launch.

Q: What will a party composition look like?

A: As translated by our own /u/arciele:

Even though they will preserve the MMORPG format, the game will be more of an online RPG where the main content will involve 3 man, party play and assembling heroes (likely referring to Trusts?).

Q: Where are they at in development?

A: As translated by our own /u/arciele, as of April 2016:

The (Nexon) director apologizes that while they are not ready to reveal the game material yet, development is progressing well, and they have moved on to development of the battle and world, at the same time as friend recruiting. They are currently increasing development staff, and have yet to set a completion date, but FFXI fans can rest assured that development is progressing.

Q: How will such a large game (hard drive storage space) fit on a phone/etc?

A: Unknown. The PS2 version for example is a bit over 5GB in size. Considering Star Wars KOTOR on Android is 2.4GB, it may be feasible for a 5GB+ game to be on the app store. SE is planning for seemingly all expansions after release:

Players will eventually be able to play Rhapsodies of Vana’diel, so we'll be putting in a ton of effort to try and match or even surpass the PC version.

Q: Will it still be the normal interface/client?

A: No. It will be a native mobile app, built from the ground up. The interface will be designed for mobile.

Q: Will it still have Linkshells?

A: Yes:

As far as the social aspect goes, the game will feature Linkshells and a guild system to enhance its community. There will also be “Dynamic Events” as well.

Q: What will it look like?

A: SE has stated:

[...] the idea would be more along the lines of a further refined FFXI given the high-perfomance mobile devices available today.

And as of April, some sample screenshots were provided: Gamer Escape article as well as this Korean article. (Note - The UI shown here is not finalized and subject to change)

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Korean MMORPG "Black Desert Online" Has stunning graphics and gameplay!

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The US Olympic cycling team is training with smart glasses

When the US cycling team heads to the Olympics in Rio this summer, it'll have an ace up its sleeve: training with smart glasses. Solos has worked with the team to create augmented reality glasses that show vital data in mid-ride (such as cadence and...
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General: Maingear Releases Pulse 15 Pro with Cutting Edge Components

Maingear has released the first information about its latest laptop line, the Pulse 15 Pro which comes with a host of awesome components that include Intel Core i7, Nvidia Quadro M2000 graphics and an impressive SSD.

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Perfect World International: Elysium Released, PWI Lands on Steam

Perfect World International has grown in two ways today with its release on Steam and with the Elysium expansion arriving in game. Most notably for the latter, the PWI 'Homestead System' has launched that allows players the ability to build on their own piece of the game world.

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Heroes of the Storm: Tracer Enters the Nexus

With the launch of Overwatch on track for May, Blizzard has sent Tracer into Heroes of the Storm. Tracer is a high speed assassin and her abilities center around those traits. Blizzard has released a pair of videos, one to show off her abilities and one that reveals a bit of lore about Tracer as well as a hint of another Overwatch character who might be headed to the Nexus soon.

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Guild Wars 2: Spring Update Goes Live - It's a Game Changer!

ArenaNet has announced that the massive Spring Update has now gone live on all Guild Wars 2 servers. Those who wish to know all of the details will want to visiting the Guild Wars 2 site to check out the 16,000 word change log.

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General: Rokh Survival Sandbox Title Playable at PAX East

At this weekend's PAX East, fans will be able to get 'hands on' with Darewise Entertainment's survival sandbox title, Rokh. Players will be able to explore the planet Mars and struggle to build a pressurized habitat.

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Paragon Releases Sevarog


Epic have just released their latest update for Paragon, including a host of changes to Grux and Feng Mao as well as releasing a brand new Hero: Sevarog. Where Sevarog is concerned, early signs point to him being an amazing tank. With a kit that includes a root, an escape (or engage depending on how you use it) as well as a handful of crowd control, he's already a monster. The fact his damage is so high, combined with his utility and survivability lead me in little doubt he'll be nerfed soon. 

Where balance is concerned, Grux took a fair beating this patch. He was incredibly strong but easily countered and yet people failed to factor this in or work around him. With the exception of his pull, everything else was neutered pretty heavily. 

Passive - Only the Strong Survive

Players could consistently gain 1000 or more health from his passive. This has been reduced, but should still favor early-to-mid game.

  • Reduced health gain from passive from 4 per kill to 2 per kill.
  • Passive now caps at 100 stacks or 200 health.

Ultimate - Warlord's Challenge

Players routinely got 120 Physical Damage, which is equivalent to 15-16 card points of physical damage. This has been reduced.

  • Removed move speed bonus from Warlord's Challenge.
  • Reduced damage bonus on Warlord's Challenge from [60, 90, 120] to [15, 30, 45]
  • Removed duration scaling from Warlord's Challenge from [6, 7, 8] to [8]
  • Increased coast of Warlord's Challenge from [-100] to [-100, -125. -150]

Ability - Smash and Grab 

  • Increased base damage scaling on Smash and Grab from [80, 108, 136, 164, 192] to [80, 115, 150, 185, 220]
  • Reduced card scaling of Smash and Grab from .525 to .5.

Ability - Charge

  • Reduced base damage scaling on Charge slightly from [50, 82, 114, 146, 178] to [50, 70, 90, 110, 130]
  • Reduced card scaling of Charge from 1 to .5

Additional Changes

  • Reduced Max Health scaling of Grux slightly from [0.9] to [.85] to compensate for passive.
  • Affected tooltips updated.

Other notable balance changes include a reduction in Feng Mao's damage (roughly across the board). 

Passive - The Balance

We saw large swings in power from Feng Mao's passive. We reduced the impack of each stack to make his power a bit more predictable.

  • Reduced attack bonus and shield bonus from Feng Mao's passive from .1 to .04 per stack [30% to 12% maxed]

Ability - Reaping Dash

  • Reduced card scaling on Reaping Dash .75 to .5.
  • Reduced card scaling on Sweep to account for Passive potential [1, 1.15, 1.3] to [1, 1.1, 1.2]

Ability - Sweep

  • Reduced card scaling on Sweep to account for passive potential.

Ability - Hamstring

  • Reduced card scaling on Hamstring from 1 to .5

Ultimate - Earth Shatter

  • Rebalanced base damage scaling on Earth Shatter from [400, 500, 600] to [325, 515, 705]
  • Reduced card scaling on Earth Shatter from 3 to 1.
  • Increased cost of Earth Shatter from [-100] to [-100, -125, -150]
  • Reduced shield on Earth Shatter [100, 175, 250] to [100, 100, 100]


  • Fixed a bug with shadow pads.
  • Disabled Scourging Tails and Tainted Magick due to instability issues.

Rumour also has it that there's another patch due on Friday, so I'll keep you posted of any incoming changes. 

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Are Multiplayer Video Games Really Social?


Online multiplayer video games encourage or require interaction between players. Players may be required to collaborate in order to progress through the game or the game may be contingent on the competition between players. Multiplayer games are said to create lasting social relationships between players. In fact, many people argue that multiplayers games, in the same way as social media apps, are designed to increase and improve interactions between people and can be used in a similar way as book club meetings or coffee groups. A game can support communication between people via text, sound or images and can enable interaction between individuals, groups or even communities.

However, the social impact of multiplayer gaming has been the topic of some heated debate over the past few years. There are those that argue that social gaming (such as multiplayer video games) is simply a marketing ploy that makes business sense. You must collaborate with your friends in order to improve your gaming statistics which keeps up the excitement and keeps you playing.

But, the question can be asked whether you are really playing “together” and therefore, whether these games are really social. The fact is that the games are designed to serve the platforms, not the users. Users might be much better served if the games served the players only.

In addition, multiplayer games no longer mean that players all sit around in the same room enjoying a split screen game experience. Today, online multiplayer games require each player to have his own screen and console and players could be anywhere in the world. In other words, people are sitting alone, but feel like they are being social with the option to chat to someone they don’t know who lives who knows where.

On the other hand, many people argue that multiplayer video games are social. While you could be playing with people across the world, they often result in people sitting together in a public setting, in front of a big screen. In addition, these games are dynamically social in that players create their game lives and build up entire communities based on these lives. Within these communities, players engage in many forms of communication within groups, as well as one-on-one. The games can be huge with massive communities, but can also be intimate between small groups. This is also true for a lot of online casino games, which often offer up unique multiplayer features.

Many games require corroboration between players, as well as collective intelligence to progress through a game. These are fundamental aspects of being social, requiring communication and cooperation between individuals and groups. In many ways, the relationships formed between players within a game community mirror the relationships that can be formed in life. These relationships become easy to maintain through the game and can even expand to real life.

While the debate rages about whether online multiplayer video games are truly social or not, the games themselves are continuing to grow in popularity, adding many new social features and possibilities for all members of the communities that are created through them.

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How to Get High End Weapons and Gear - The Division

Tom Clancy's The Division

High end weapons and gear are the best of the best in The Division, with unique abilities and high powered stats that put even the highest level rares to shame. If you’re a fresh off the grind lvl 30 your first instinct (and it would be correct) should be “where can I get my hands on the high end gear”. Luckily there are several options available to you, each of which we’ll go over in detail later in this article.

High end weapons can be identified by their yellow glow both in the game world and in your inventory. Both gear and weapons can be high end, as well as upgrades, attachments and resources.

Purchase them from a vendor

There are many vendors in The Division that have high end weapons for sale, albeit at a very steep price. The max level vendor in your home bas is one such vendor, as is the one located in the safe house of the max level Dark Zone. These vendors don’t just accept any currency however; you’ve got to bring your phoenix credits to exchange for the goods.

A single piece of high end gear will usually cost you somewhere between 100-300 phoenix credits depending on the item being purchased and the vendor.

If you’re looking for a way to earn phoenix credits, you should check out our Phoenix Credit farming guide.

Crafting them

You can craft many high end weapons from special blueprints that you will either find after killing high level enemies, or purchase from the max level vendors in The Division. High end blueprints will require some rare and hard to get materials to craft, so expect to spend some time farming end game bosses and missions to get it.

Completing challenging missions

Each challenging mission you complete will usually reward you with a piece of high end gear. The bonus is that the named enemies that these missions contain also have a chance at dropping high end equipment, making them extremely lucrative to complete.

The only catch is that challenging missions are extremely hard to complete, and require a full squad of heavily geared agents. Consider using some of the other methods listed here to gear you up before taking on the challenging missions.

Farming named NPCs

As mentioned before, the named (yellow health bar) enemies in the Division have a chance at dropping high end gear. While the chance for a single enemy to drop a piece of high end gear isn’t that great, if you’re farming a bunch at a time your odds increase exponentially.

High level Dark Zone landmark areas are usually crawling with named NPCs. If you can get a good group together to farm them, chances are you’ll come out with at least one high end piece of gear if you farm for half an hour or so.

To increase your odds of a high end drop you can get gear that has the scavenging attribute on it. A higher scavenging stat provides an all round greater chance of having a downed enemy drop loot.

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Paragon Tier List


In this Paragon Tier List we present the latest rankings for Player versus Player. In line with our ever popular Heroes of the Storm Tier list, this page will always show the latest updates every patch, or every month depending on movement. 

Please note it's important for me to state that this should be the community's list as I appreciate any and all input. Please don't be afraid to make a statement or a suggestion and remember: it’s the player’s skill, not the Hero choice, that is often most important (this list also assumes equal player skill level). I will also add that "meta" builds regularly change and it often requires just one team to use a Hero effectively to see the landscape change. 

Tier List updated March 29, 2016

Tier Movement

Moved Grux to Tier 2. He received a bag full of nerfs on today's patch and it can already be felt: less damage, less health gain from his trait. 

Moved Sevarog to Tier 1. Straight in at the top, he's a monster in the right hands with a flexible, powerful kit. 

Moved Feng Mao to Tier 2. Still incredibly strong but his scaling was reduced and it has hit his potency somewhat, he's still fantastic just not as good as he was. 

Tier 1

"Heroes that are first pick. These Heroes, without question, are the backbone of any team due to a combination of abilities and utility."  

Jungler: Rampage - His damage is OK but it's stun and ultimate that makes him so formidable. If he lands his Boulder Throw on you, at the very least you're going to take some damage from him and his team. Rampage is also incredibly good at escaping, meaning once he has bullied his way down a lane from the jungle he can quite easily escape. Unsurprisingly, hard crowd control or high damage from Feng Mao and Grux can bring him down to size but it still takes an age. Worse, once he has used his Ultimate and if he's paired with Muriel there's no stopping him.

Jungler: Sevarog - Instantly Tier 1, Sevarog is a monster. A kit that has damage, mobility, survivability and utility he's amazing in lane, jungling or defending. A must have tank. 

Support: Muriel - Partly in Tier 21due to her being the only true "support", her global presence thanks to Reversal of Fortunate (ultimate) not only allows her quick map travel, but it allows her and her team to quickly bully lanes. The shielding she provides also significantly bolsters Feng Mao, Rampage and Grux to the point where they can comfortably take on any opponents or lane without fear. 

Tier 2

"Second favourite and if Tier 1 Heroes are unavailable. These Heroes are incredibly strong and slightly above the point of balance."

Support: Dekker - There's no doubting that her slow and stun are very strong. Her damage is good, her means of escape useful and her Ultimate needs absolute perfect placement to be of value. Despite that, in an organised setting her combined kit can allow her team to wreck opposing Heroes.

Jungler: Feng Mao - Feng Mao is a versatile melee Hero that's capable of not only dealing eye watering damage, but he also has some mobility and survivability through his shielding. With his attacks cleaving and capable of hitting for well over 1,000 per swing, during early, mid and late game he's unrivalled. Although he received some nerfs in the recent patch, he's still an amazing pick. 

Pusher: Gideon - With amazing wave clear, high damage and mobility thanks to his teleport (Torn Space) he is rightly feared. With a well timed ultimate he can comfortably kill a group of enemy Heroes or at the very least facilitate his team doing the killing. He's regularly picked and for good reason: he's amazing in the right hands. 

Ganker: Grux - My favorite Hero but one that's recently seen his potency nerfed. Grux is still capable of ganking easily and when needed, jungling with ease. If he pursues a full damage card setup, he can quite comfortably kill Gideon in a only a couple of hits (I do this often) and then use Stampede to escape. His ultimate ability, Warlord's Challenge, offers an invaluable stun and allows him to cut through most enemies. 

Carry: Murdock - What makes Murdock so strong is the fact that if you get him to late game, there are few Heroes he can't comfortably kill in two hits. With an Ultimate ability that has a huge range, zoning capabilities through his Static Trap that allows him to comfortably protect his lane from ambush, he's a brilliant ranged carry. Hitting for over 1,000 every half second always helps.

Tier 3

"Considered “right” in terms of balance, these Heroes remain strong in the right hands and compliment 'most' team compositions."

Pusher: Howitzer - Despite my love of Howitzer, I think he's well balanced right now. His damage is high thanks to his ranged poke and he has good pushing capability with a combination of AOE attacks, grenades and mines. His ultimate, although easily avoid by Gideon and Grux can pair really well with Dekker's making him surprisingly useful at zoning. 

Ganker: Kallari - Although Kallari is unquesitonably strong, he (she?) is somewhat limited by the strenght of Feng Mao and Grux when it comes to jungling and ganking. He hits for much less on basic attacks and although he has the burst and means of escaping, he jungles much worse and has few means, if any, of cleaving in a team fight (especially late game when people tend to group together). 

Support: Steel - My favorite support, Steel is very strong and brings with him bags of utility. He can comfortably lane, push Towers and if he builds to be a tank, can withstand lots of punishment. His kit also means that if he does find himself too deep, he can use Charge to escape or Shield Slam (in an emergency). The fact he has access to some verticality (there's nothing better than Shield Slamming onto someone on a high ledge makes him particularly strong. I'd recommend players try him with a damage deck - he's awesome.  

Carry: Twinblast - Twinblast is largely carried by his powerful ultimate ability. If he beings to hit you with it and you find you're next to him taking shots to the face, you're going to die very quickly. Although he has some mobility (Rocketdash) it's easily countered by most melee Heroes and he's simply too squishy to survive against them. When he's in lane he can't really protect his flanks and is easily ganked the further he moves down lane. Unlike Murdock he has no knockback or slow and hits for less than he does.

Tier 4

"Heroes that are considered good but ones which require teams to form around them or they’re Heroes that rely heavily on personal ability over composition."

Area Control: Gadget - A Hero I want to love but one I don't feel neccesarily suits the pace of Paragon. Her kit is "OK" but it's largely slow and doesn't push half as well as many others. For example, Speed Bots isn't great for hurrying minions along despite that being its job (it doesn't last long and minion waves are very spread out to benefit from it) while her Sticky Mine takes too long to detonate and deals too little damage. Even late game and if you build for maximum damage, she's still pretty poor.  

Carry: Sparrow - Sparrow is limited severly by the fact her ultimate is relatively short range (unlike Murdock that can fire half a map away) and her damage, despite being brilliant late game, isn't superior to Murdock. Her kit is average at lane clear, she has no escape or any means of defending herself. Almost every ranged alternative (Gideon, Murdock, Howitzer) brings more to the table. 

Tier 5

"Considered poor: these Heroes have fallen out of the Meta and are seldom picked or seen."

There are no Heroes currently considered Tier 5. 

"What would you change? Why? Let us know in the comments below!"

If you enjoyed this and would like to see more articles like it, then please take the time to support  We can’t do this without you!


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Paragon Tips and Tricks


There is a lot to learn in Paragon and a lot of information regarding skills or methods of play isn’t necessarily obvious. With that in mind, I’ve put together a list of tips and tricks that you should find useful.

1. The colored minion on camps doesn’t deal much damage, it’s his bodyguards that do. Kill those first.

2. You can strafe around jungle camps and avoid damage from their attacks, especially the colored minion.

3. Wards indicate when players are near them and can be placed above you on ledges to avoid them being killed.

4. Jungling provides high amounts of experience for the jungler but they should ensure they loop both sides.

5. Wards also reveal stealthed enemies, including Kallari.

6. At the start of a match you actually have time to choose a Ward, run out and place it, return to base and get a second charge.

7. When jungling, you should always ensure the jungler secures the red buff early. This boosts their damage and allows them to clear camps quickly. Help them secure it.

8. Experience from kills is shared based on proximity. If your team are all near an enemy player who dies, you’ll all get the experience (regardless of who landed the last hit).

9. Stealth pads (pools?) make a distinct sound when someone enters and exits them. List for this when you’re laning.

10. Although laning is a key part of Paragon, attacking Towers as a large group (over 3 players) is much more efficient and allows you to bully the lane quickly.

11. Experience shared between your team has a drop off. 4+ players receive less than 3 or less.

12. Harvesters obtain Card Experience constantly but it needs to be collected. Collecting it is also team wide so it’s in your best interest to do it as often as possible.

13. Killing enemy harvesters grants experience and card experience - kill theirs often.

14. Attacking enemy harvesters warns the opposing team so be sure to run away quickly once it’s dead.

15. You can jump through Gideon’s portal by pressing space next to it.

16. You can use Grux’s “pull” to bring enemy players to you who are attacking your team mates.

17. Kallari can be seen in stealth if you are on a stealth pad. This puts you in the stealth “realm” allowing you to see him clearly.

18. Howitzer can move in the air when using his ultimate ability - just press a direction key. Also note that this buys you enough time to sprint before landing.

19. Grux’s ultimate can interrupt Gideon’s ultimate as well as Twinblast’s. Be sure to use it when they use their ult.

20. Murdock’s ultimate can fire through scenery and has an enormous range. Imagine it as an x-ray lazer beam.

21. Due to the distance of Murdock’s ultimate you should use it to pop enemies who are trying to escape out of travel mode.

22. Rampage with Muriel can comfortably take down a Tower if he is shielded and uses his ultimate. Make use of it as much as possible.

23. Muriel can carry the Overpowered Buff and use her ultimate to fly to the turn-in point if an allied team mate is there waiting. This is often a good strategy due to the speed of delivery (and lesser risk of your team dying on delivery).

24. Howitzer and Dekker are amazing on Tower defence. She can use her ultimate alongside Howitzer to trap in enemies to deal maximum damage.

25. Body blocking is an invaluable means of preventing an enemy escaping. It’s basically standing in front of them so their movement is restricted. Doing this will secure you plenty of kills as a team.

26. Towers indicate on their “gem” stone how many of your minions are in its proximity. Use this indicator to know how many minions are alive before you need to leave.

27. As your minions approach a Tower, activate your travel mode. This allows you to quickly sprint to the gem so you don’t waste any time in damaging it.

28. Gideon can utilise his ultimate ability from any height. Teleporting into the air and triggering his ultimate allows him to pull enemies in, avoid melee damage and allow your team to attack on the ground.

29. Hitting an enemy in travel mode will root them, buying you time to (hopefully) kill them.

30. You should ALWAYS use travel mode when you need to move and even if engaging the enemy, you can cancel it just by attacking.

31. While laning is important, just staying in lane is a huge disservice to your team. You should regularly roam to secure kills and bully other lanes as a two or three.

32. When using your ultimate ability, try to use it after the enemy has. That way you can guarantee they’ve used theirs and your team are then at an advantage.

33. If you’ve wiped the enemy team, don’t just portal back to base. Use the time you have to push lane hard.

34. You run 15% slower when attacking someone.

35. Harvester keys massively reduce the build time of them and recharge when you return to base.

36. If your team mate is low health, you can body block incoming shots for them by standing in their way. Saving them in this way ensures their survival and prevents a kill by the opposition.

37. “Ganking” lane is an important part of Paragon. See someone extending far down the lane? Send two or more players to kill them and then push the lane back.

38. Muriel has three methods of shielding her team. The shields don’t last forever so try to force her to use them as quickly as possible.

39. There are two harvesters outside of the jungle on the east and west side of the map at the middle point in the lane. Be sure to capture them.

40. Inhibitors are the final line of defence against the Core and should be your teams’ priority at all times. Kills alone don’t win games.

41. A balanced composition is key to any team. Having no tank is often a liability and ignoring the enemies support players will almost always guarantee you lose (unless they’re truly terrible).

42. If you’re seeking high damage output, always build power, attack speed and then critical hits. Both attack speed and critical hits rely heavily on your base power: what’s the point in attacking quickly if you hit like a wet noodle?

43. Always try to save your escape skill for retreating rather than engaging. If things go south during a fight, you’ll be without it if you’ve already used it to arrive at the fight.

44. The black buff in the middle of the jungle causes you to deal additional damage to towers (750 damage across 5 seconds that refreshes on attack) as well as attack speed. It's amazing at pushing lanes. 

45. The blue buff reduces your cooldowns by 20% and increases mana regeneration by the same. The red buff grants a small movement speed increase as well as 25% damage boost. 

Source: Ten Ton Hammer


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