ArcheAge Reap What You Sow Event Launches this Weekend


It looks like ArcheAge is making a move, getting ready to launch Omens of Dread Prophecies rather soon. To kick off the launch, they have three neat events coming up, the first being the "Reap What You Sow" event.

Adventurers are racing back to their fields and farms to turn their swords to plowshares, stockpiling goods and resources for the challenges ahead. During this event, spending Labor Points will reward half of it back as a bonus. For every 1000 Labor Points spent, a bound 500 Labor Point potion will be sent to the most recently active character on that account.

Sort of like your local clothing store, if you spend 1000 Labor Points, you'll get 500 back to your most recently active character, meaning that you will be refunded almost half of all labor spent on Monday. The countdown ends 1pm PDT Sunday, April 19 and the potions will be awarded the day after. The neat thing is that they're potions, so you'll thankfully be able to spend your labor points as they come. Two more events will occur:

  • Bearing Treasures from Distant Shores: April 24-27 (Rewards the 28th): Earn 20 loyalty points by turning in Charcoal, Rock Salt, Crystal, or Dragon Essence Stabilizers trade packs and earn even more by being the top 5 turn ins for Dragon Essence Stabilizers to win some cool prizes.
  • Chum the Waters: Late April (April 27th?) – May 2: Double Honor

Dread Prophecies is a big content update coming for ArcheAge introducing tons of new features like ship customization, naval battle revamp, and new zones. This will come to players on April 27th for the first rollout of the content and April 28th for the second part (customization changes and new zones). Tons of fun to be had in game in the mean time and you can find out more about the update here.


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If you want to chat on Steam, spend at least $5

Earlier this week Valve introduced Steam Guard Mobile Authenticator as a means to keep its users safe from phishing attempts, and now it's taken another step in that direction. From here on out, until you spend a minimum $5 with your account certain ...
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Justice Department may try to block the Comcast / TWC merger

It's been more than a year since Comcast announced its plan to buy fellow cable giant Time Warner Cable in a $45 billion deal, but it still hasn't received the blessings of various regulators. Now, word is leaking out from unnamed sources to Bloomber...
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LF game to play with friend

Something F2P, not ENTIRELY P2W, no BF5 graphics (our computers are shxt), something questy/sandboxy (no ArcheAge tho plz) if such thing doesn't exist either is preferred, fun

PvP, good endgame content, something medieval or fantasy

Preferred action combat, but not necessary (we already played Tera)


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Players as powerful figures in MMOs


So with the game Skyforge, they're allowing players to become "Gods" and be called into areas to help other players when they're in God Form.

So this got me thinking about a mechanic. How is the concept of allowing players to become powerful figures (through time and effort) that can significantly impact other players gameplay.

For example, think about the Star Wars Galaxies Jedi. Becoming one was often difficult thing to do. Now what if that Jedi was powerful and could "help" other players and significantly impact their game. Maybe help them do a quest. Help them do a dungeon. Things like that. You could throw in benefits to playing with one like increased rewards and such. However, you make obtaining this (like the Jedi) a hard a difficult thing to do.

Do you think such a thing is reasonable or a good thing to do? There are obvious "overpowered" and balance issues to be addressed. Along with this, how do you make it difficult and unique enough that it doesn't become just a run of the mill thing.

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GW2, WoW or FFXIV?

It's been a while since I've been Into any of these games, and I was curious as to which one I should join back? WoW has the new expansion, which I've played a bit of, GW2 is having a new expansion soon, and FFXIV is also getting one soon. I'm more pve but do like pvp every once in a while, but I more enjoy doing raids and the likes, or doing stuff with a group of people. Which one should I hop back into?

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PvPers - SWTOR vs DCUO (vs WOW vs AA vs ESO vs GW2 vs what have you)

Whats the most fulfilling PvP experience? Assume the player is spending max 15 a month

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When MapleStory 2 comes out, what character names should I snag first?

Before all the good and/or witty ones are taken

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Star Wars Battlefront Trailer Released Amid Launch Details

Star Wars Battlefront

Star Wars Battlefront is the successor to Star Wars: Battlefront II, taking on the name of the original game from 2004. Players will take on the role of Jedis and Sith battling out famous battles in Star Wars history in both first and third person view, depending on how a player wishes to play. The original Battlefront was very popular, and many players have been waiting for what seems like a long long time for this remake to come. Personally I'm super excited to see it, but what's even more exciting is the footage, as seen below:

As you can see, the game looks gorgeous, beyond belief. I'm super excited to play it myself, but even I wonder if my PC will play it or if this will be something I'll want to save for the console. Not too many details are out about the game, but as you can see it's going to be a really fun shooter that takes us back to the details of more objective oriented shooting. I wonder how games like Gigantic will hold up?

It will launch November 17, 2015 on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC, near the release of the latest Star Wars film which will arrive in December (although that specific date has yet to be finalized).

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Scientists want to blast space debris with frickin' lasers

To combat the increasingly dense layer of dead satellites and miscellaneous space debris that are enshrouding our planet, no idea -- nets, lassos, even ballistic gas clouds -- seems too far-fetched to avoid. Now, an international team of researchers ...
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Games Republic Features 15% off Sale This Weekend for PC Games

Cities: Skyline

Use the code "weekend-deals-15off" to save 15% off of already discounted games at Games Republic. Each purchase you make there through our store will help support keeping Ten Ton Hammer open, so everyone wins with a deal like this. Games like Cities Skylines, The Escapists, the Lego game series, and more. Check it out!

Help support Ten Ton Hammer and save some money over at Games Republic.

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Adaptalux is a modular lighting system for macro photography

Every now and then, there are projects on Kickstarter designed for a niche group of people. Adaptalux is one of those: it's a modular, flexible and nearly pocket-sized lighting studio for macro photography and videography. The team behind Adaptalux c...
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MakerBot lays off one-fifth of its workforce

MakerBot is perhaps the most well-known consumer 3D printer company on the market, having sold tens of thousands of Replicators since its start in 2009. It's a large part of why Stratasys, an industrial 3D printer and manufacturer, decided to acquire...
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Previewing the 2015 Spring Split LCS Finals

League of Legends

There have been many twists and turns that have gotten us to this point. In Europe, two teams that almost no one thought had any chance are in the finals, while North America brings us the same matchup we've become accustomed to seeing every split. Let's take a look at the teams!

(All stats provided are for the regular season only; they do not include the playoffs.)



(2) Fnatic vs (5) Unicorns of Love


Fnatic (13-5) Average KDA: 5.2
Player Name Position Avg. KDA
Seung-Hoon "Huni" Heo Top Lane 3.9
Yeu Jin "Reignover" Kim Jungler 3.1
Fabian "Febiven" Diepstraten Mid Lane 7.8
Pierre "Steeelback" Medjaldi AD Carry 8.9
Bora "YellOwStaR" Kim Support 6.3


Unicorns of Love (9-9) Average KDA: 3.0
Player Name Position Avg. KDA
Tamas "Vizicsacsi" Kiss Top Lane 2.8
Mateusz "Kikis" Szkudlarek Jungler 3.4
Tristan "PowerOfEvil" Schrage Mid Lane 3.4
Pontus "Vardags" Dahlblom AD Carry 3.3
Zdravets "Hylissang" Galabov Support 2.4


It’s safe to say that prior to the start of the 2015 season, this was a matchup few, if any, predicted for the EU LCS finals. Fnatic had a complete roster makeover, with only YellOwStaR returning from the lineup that made it to Worlds last year. They had unproven players in 3 out of 5 positions, with Febiven being the only newcomer with any sort of history playing professionally in Europe. This new-look Fnatic surprised everyone, putting up an extremely strong season. They finished with the second-best record in the region, only two games behind first place SK Gaming. Top laner Huni instantly garnered legions of fans due to his often hilarious antics, as well as his strong in-game play. Reignover and Steeelback, two players who were almost complete unknowns, stepped up to be among the top performers in their respective roles. YellOwStaR’s veteran experience and leadership tied the team together quite well, and Fnatic’s gamble of going with players they considered to be rising starts instead of proven talent worked out better than almost anyone expected.

The Unicorns of Love gained an immediate fan following, due in large part to their team name, as well as their propensity for running unusual strategies (the Twisted Fate jungle still holds a special place in many fans’ hearts.) Before the split started, they had defeated North America’s #1 team Team SoloMid at IEM Cologne, and hopes were high entering the regular season. The team endured its fair shares of ups and downs, finishing with a .500 record. However, they were at their best in the playoffs. There, they took down Gambit Gaming in the quarterfinals, before recording a huge upset over #1 seed SK Gaming in the semifinals. UOL’s unpredictability can make picks and bans uncomfortable for opposing teams, as the Unicorns always seem to have an almost unlimited number of strategies that they’ll be happy to utilize. It’s been a magical run for them so far, but their biggest test yet awaits.

Fun fact: UOL was the only team to win both of their games against Fnatic this split.



(1) Team SoloMid vs (2) Cloud9


Team SoloMid (13-5) Average KDA: 5.1
Player Name Position Avg. KDA
Marcus "Dyrus" Hill Top Lane 2.5
Lucas "Santorin" Larsen Jungler 6.6
Søren "Bjergsen" Bjerg Mid Lane 6.8
Jason "WildTurtle" Tran AD Carry 4.9
Jang-sik "Lustboy" Ham Support 6.5


Cloud9 (13-6) Average KDA: 4.8
Player Name Position Avg. KDA
An "Balls" Le Top Lane 3.4
William "Meteos" Hartman Jungler 6.0
Hai "Hai" Lam Mid Lane 4.0
Zachary "Sneaky" Scuderi AD Carry 7.2
Daerek "LemonNation" Hart Support 4.6


One of the most popular eSports organizations in the West, Team SoloMid is no stranger to high expectations. Typically, those expectations are self-imposed, as team owner Andy “Reginald” Dinh has often stated that the team’s only goal is to win Worlds. While TSM has long been an imposing force in North America, international results have been mixed, at best. As mentioned earlier, they lost to UOL at IEM Cologne, starting the year off on the wrong foot. However, things have gotten much better since then. Despite a poor performance at that event, new jungler Santorin has proven to be exactly what the team needed, playing a pivotal role in their 1st place finish in the regular season. WildTurtle has improved on some of his inconsistencies, and has joined Bjergsen in being a carry the team can count on. Dyrus’ KDA may not look impressive, but he’s an extremely solid player, and other teams’ propensity to camp him often leads to TSM taking control of everything else on the map, leading to quick and decisive wins. It’s possible this may be the strongest roster the organization has ever had, and while winning the Spring Split is only the first step towards going to Worlds, it would still mean quite a bit.

Cloud9 was previously the most dominant team North America had ever seen, posting 25-3 and 24-4 records in their first two LCS splits. They came back down to Earth a bit with an 18-8 record last Summer, and the first split of 2015 is the first time they didn’t end the regular season in 1st place. Health issues for team captain and main shot-caller Hai have proven to be challenging for the team as a whole, and have caused some consistency issues. At times, they look like the team that was virtually unbeatable for a year, and at other times they look completely lost and unsure of themselves in game. There’s no question that Meteos and Sneaky are still superstars at their respective positions, even as Balls has taken a step back from his previously unquestioned title of best top laner in NA. When C9 is playing at their full potential, there isn’t a team in their home region that they can’t take down. Whether or not they’ll be able to do so will be a determining factor in this series, especially since TSM has been looking quite sharp.

Fun fact: Since Cloud9 joined the LCS, they have faced off against TSM in the finals of every split. It was game 2 of the finals last year that C9 lost a single playoff game for the first time.

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Heroes of the Dorm Will Now Have a Minimap!

Heroes of the Storm

The Heroes of the Dorm tournament has provided a lot of excitement and great play from the students competing, but it's been missing something important. Namely, seemingly vital information about the state of the game. Fans have been quite vocal about their displeasure regarding the decision to over-simplify the stream, and it seems Blizzard has heard their pleas. Originally, they had been attempting to streamline the viewer experience, attempting a minimalist approach. They did this largely since the finals will be broadcast on ESPN3, and wanted to take a more traditional sports-like route when designing the broadcast. Of course, what works for traditional sports doesn't always work for eSports, and the fans made sure that was clear.

For the quarterfinal matches beginning on Saturday April 18th, the stream will feature a minimap, which was the single most glaring omission. Below is an example of how it will sometimes be utilized:


Blizzard has stated they will be unable to make any other large changes between now and the grand finals, but this is at least one very important step. You can read exactly how this change will be implemented, as well as the original thoughts behind all of the design changes for the events, right here.

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The Secret World: Ultimate Tokyo Story Pack Now Available

Funcom has announced that a new story pack for The Secret World is available for a great price. Called the "Ultimate Tokyo Story Pack", the collection includes an Orochi pilot jumpsuit, two side-stories packs with eleven extra missions, and Issues 9-11. Issue 11 will bring the Tokyo story to a close and will be released in April 2015.

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EVE Online: Fanfest Keynote Hinted to Feature Big News

The 2015 Fanfest, centered squarely around EVE, Valkyrie and DUST 514, is underway. We're here to post some of the highlights from the keynote address that is set to begin in about ten minutes at 10:00 Pacific / 1:00 pm Eastern. Refresh the page often to check out the updates during what has been promised to be an important and exciting keynote.

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Skyforge: Closed Beta #2 Coming March 25th

The second closed beta phase for Skyforge will be heading out on March 25th. Players will have a lot of new content to try out with four new classes to unlock, a new 5-player dungeon, an open world location on Naori Island, an 8v8 "superiority" PvP mode, and something called the Nedder Test Area.

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Dying Light: 3.2M Players Rack Up Some Impressive Numbers

Infographics paint a numbers picture of a game. In the latest infographic release, the Dying Light team shines the spotlight on some impressive numbers including over 3.2M players taking part in killing nearly 400M zombies and amassing over a trillion dollars. Check out more of these fun statistics in the image below.

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EVE Online: Valkyrie Gameplay Footage Shown in New Video

While next to impossible to fully portray virtual reality in a video, the EVE: Valkyrie team has done a terrific job giving fans a look at just how the game will play during today's Fanfest 2015 opening ceremony. Head movements are clearly seen as the video progresses. Check it out and let us know what you think.

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